Friday, July 21, 2017

"Rogers Words 'o Advice

Ideas To Live By

Today's topics...

"Mattresses and Toilet Paper"...

This advice isn't needed by everyone I know, but some of you out there (and you know you are) need to hear this stuff.

So here we go...

You spend approximately 1/3 of your life on your mattress, you know?

Don't go down to Big Lots or somewhere and get a $350 king size (or whatever size). Get yourself a Sealy pillow top or Tempur-Pedic or Memory Foam with a good set of box springs.

We've had our king mattress for 8 years and we're looking at a new one. The bad thing about a pillow top is you can flip it end to end but ours can't be flipped all the way over so there's a slight depression shaped like me in it on my side.


Next topic...

Toilet Paper.

I've gone over to people's houses and found that they were either really cheep else they're stealing their Toilet Paper out of Motel Six or an Indian gas station.

You could sand the finish off of a Chest of Drawers with this stuff.


Buy good Toilet Paper.

We prefer plain old Charmin two ply unsented.


It's strong too...

You could make a Suit out of it.

I'm walking around in my Suit and people ask Versace?


I love it, saves money in the end too.

Instead of paying for dry cleaning I just flush it

You understand?

OK, That will be all...for now...

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bringing Ya'll Up To Date

Life's Quite Different These Days...

Today and for at least the rest of this week temperatures will top 100 degrees F, and about 4PM this afternoon our AC quit.

Just Dammit.

(I'm warm)

Still Alive And Breathing

But Sometimes Just Barely...

It's been a few years since I posted here on my original blog after writing a zillion words in the mid and late 2000's.

Being in a corporate job out here in Tulsa, Oklahoma I honestly the HR or IT idiots would find my rants and I'd get fired so I walked away.

We'll...things have changed and...


Facebook is driving me crazy and I'm pretty much the only one in my friends group that does anything but cut and paste crap or post baby pictures.

I'm coming back again but it definitely won't be "Trump Trump TRUMP Russia Russia RUSSIA"

I have a full head of steam up...what used to call "having my head spinning at orbital rotational velocity" about Senator McMcain needing to resign IMMEDIATELY to open up his seat after his Brain Cancer Diagnosis was announced yesterday...

and a bunch of other stuff.

Until then...

Regards Ya'll