Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heading Back Home

For A Short Time Only...

My brain is fried handling the current project resolutions and looking forward to leaving town again Sunday so I just don't have much original to write right now.

In my Internet reading I've seen some frequent reference to Conan O'Brien's recent graduation address at Dartmouth College earlier this month.

Now I have to admit that I'm not much of a fan of Conan's...having been a Johnny Carson devotee and later David Letterman before he lost his mind and became a insane partisan asshole.

And of course there is Jay Leno who is pretty cool but rarely gains my attention any more.

But any way, here's the YouTube version of Conan's address, and I have to say that I was surprised and impressed by how articulate and point on the man is.

If you don't have the time to view the entire 20 plus minutes, just watch the last half and see if you don't feel the same way.

Regards Y'all...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


"You Know How I Feel..."

Pretty funny...Huh?

Other than that, I'm getting ready to leave town for a while and don't have time to write.

Regards Y'all...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mind Racing...Body Barely Able To Keep Up

Somebody Say "AMEN"...


I finally got a big check in the mail yesterday.


After dancing around naked for about 12 seconds I put back on my clothes and ran to the bank, and then I managed to get off of my lumbering rear end and started making new business travel plans.

An hour later I had spent nearly a thousand dollars on renting and borrowing crap related to travel...

Now Thursday afternoon we're off to South Carolina so I can spend  a day in an Adhesives Plant on Friday installing new software and cleaning up some other technical details on one customer's job site.

Then after hanging out with my old College Buddy Rusty for dinner we'll get up and blast back across the Smokey Mountains through Asheville on Saturday.

Then after re-organizing my suitcase I'm getting up and getting on an airplane at FIVE FREAKING THIRTY AM Sunday morning to fly to Baltimore, then taking an Amtrak train to Aberdeen, Maryland, then hiring a taxi to take me on up to a Bed and Breakfast in Havre de Grace (the same one which pissed me off in April...I'm giving them a second chance) in preparation of spending another day and one half in a Plastics Bottle Plant updating another PLC system on Monday.

Then after smearing my face with paint and dancing around in a loincloth exorcizing the deamons from the equipment and smearing chicken blood all over myself and the hardware, hopefully sometime late Tuesday afternoon I will jump back on an Amtrak train, fly from Baltimore to LaGuardia, then LaGuardia to Washington Dulles International, the back here to the Turbo Pup Compound in West Knoxtown.

Pretty Darn Crazy Idea...Huh?

Well, I actually have a strategic reason for accepting the ridiculous schedule coming back home Tuesday.

I only have about 45 minutes between flights, and I know that it is almost an absolute certainty flying in that over crowded corridor of the northeast that if anyone anywhere so much as sneezes or farts...or better yet there is a single drop of rain or a wind blowing over 1/2 mile per hour...that the entire air travel network will melt down and YOU KNOW WHAT?

At the end of the day I'll end up spending Tuesday night somewhere in a Hotel at US Air's expense and I'll come back home sometime Wednesday little worse for the wear with a couple hundred dollars worth of "denied boarding" passes.

So now I have to collect my thoughts and get a brief nap before my programmer shows up here at 9 AM this morning to finish up a couple of nagging details on a program.

Y'all have a LOVELY balance of the week, and I'll write when I can and it might mean something or nothing depending on my circumstances and state of mine.

Regards Y'all...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reality "Twenty-One" ... Me "Zero"

Losing The War While Winning A Few Battles...

Needless to say I am totally pissed off right now at the state of my financial affairs.

This after working my ass off over the past decade to recover from a "significant" setback when my old company was forced out of business when a couple of my customers decided to go bankrupt and take me with them down that legal/financial carnival ride to hell.

Now today once again I've built things back up to some reasonable level of solvency.

And I spend my days wheeling and dealing and selling things while at the same time paying all of our bills on time including three insurance companies which collect a substantial amount of cash each month with the idea of protecting what ever money we manage to earn and keep in the bank at the end of the year.

I'm sure many of my readers do the same thing day in and day out, but check this crap out.

I have not one but TWO outstanding claims with my insurance with the health insurance idiots and one with the homeowners insurance bastards, and now going on two/three months later I don't seem to be able to convince them that they should pay a SINGLE FREAKING DIME toward the claims processes.

And then there is my current major PLC System Customer over in the Carolina's which is going on a half month late making final payment on their system installed in May...after being a half month late on their first payment.

What really pisses me off is how the average Redneck Consumer like me is held to one commercial your bills on time else get reported to the "Credit Bureaus"...while companies like I deal with on a day in and day out basis basically laugh in your face and take their time paying after you have financed and delivered your product to them.

It's not like I can show up with a set of wire cutters and a Phillips head screwdriver and repossess my Control system and sensors because there's just not much of a demand for that kind of thing down the street here in Knoxville or over in your neighborhood.

And yet they make you crawl around and cut your price to the bare bones when you write your proposal and then the silly bitches in "Accounts Payable" just shrug their shoulders and write you a check whenever they finally get around to it in spite of the "payment terms" on the Contract.

And these shameless liars running my second health insurance company in four years? 

All they have done is BOUNCE EVERY SINGLE BILLING FROM MY HOSPITAL VISIT IN APRIL and now the "service providers" i.e. the doctors and radiologists are coming after me demanding payment while the bean counters in the offices of the insurance company screw around apologizing and making excuses.

All I know is that when you see the news with some story about some guy walking into an office out there in middle 'Merica with a giant weapon proceeding to cause mayhem and carnage...

sometimes--while I don't agree with him--I somehow understand how he might have suffered a breakdown and got to the point where it seemed like the only thing left to do.

You want "Health Care Reform?"  Don't give me "Government Insurance", just get the "Government" to help me make the so called "Insurance Companies" honestly honor their agreements with their customers.
Is it just me?


That will be all...for now...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Knowledge Is Power?

No...But A Good "Miss-Information" Campaign does Go A Long Way...

 First of all Ladies and Gentlemen, honestly I'm afraid that I may end up yelling and cursing and piss a bunch of idiots off in the next fifteen to fifty minutes as a result of my writing this morning, so let's get a couple of things straight here right from the "get-go" as I get my keyboard fired up and running on all 12 cylinders.

First and have to remember that by and large--although hosted by Google's "Blogger" system--this little space of the Internet you are looking at right here and now is MINE, so if at any moment during our short flight this evening you feel your panties or boxer shorts starting to bunch up and irritate your butt crack and your asshole I heartily offer you the the opportunity to get the f**k out...i.e. leave this web page!


Next, if you are in the category of readers which stop by every now and then and are an under edu-macated government-schooled liberal, tie died, patchouli stinking, Kumbaya singing, dope-smoking, tree hugging, Owl Gore worshiping man-made global warming alarmist...

you probably need to drop a Xanex or Quaalude and check back by here later after the dust settles because what I'm getting ready to write and point out is going to cause you to leak urine and possibly feces.

So now does everyone have their seat belts tightened and their tray tables and seat backs moved into the upright and locked positions?

If not, just hit the "BACK" Browser button or click or the web page tab "X" close button and let you and let your little narrow mind evaporate away into the ether of the Universe.

O-key Do-key?


Now, with a properly prepared audience in to this evening's subject...GLOBAL WARMING...or the lack there of... based on a theory generally know as Anthropogenic Global Warming...

I want to once again say THIS about THAT.


You know?

And in the defense of my own long time well researched opinion, I offer this latest Dissertation by Dr. William M. Gray...formerly of "The Weather Channel" and a well respected "Weather Scientist"...not just some quack that went to Devry or some stupid on-line "University" and started running his mouth suddenly after getting a PhD.

Here's a little sample of his latest commentary:

Many of us AMS members believe that the modest global warming we have observed is of natural origin and due to multi-decadal and multi-century changes in the globe’s deep ocean circulation resulting from salinity variations. These changes are not associated with CO2 increases. Most of the GCM modelers have little experience in practical meteorology. They do not realize that the strongly chaotic nature of the atmosphere-ocean climate system does not allow for skillful initial value numerical climate prediction. The GCM simulations are badly flawed in at least two fundamental ways:

1.Their upper tropospheric water vapor feedback loop is grossly wrong. They assume that increases in atmospheric CO2 will cause large upper-tropospheric water vapor increases which are very unrealistic. Most of their model warming follows from these invalid water vapor assumptions. Their handlings of rainfall processes are quite inadequate.

2.They lack an understanding and treatment of the fundamental role of the deep ocean circulation (i.e. Meridional Overturning Circulation – MOC) and how the changing ocean circulation (driven by salinity variations) can bring about wind, rainfall, and surface temperature changes independent of radiation and greenhouse gas changes. These ocean processes are not properly incorporated in their models. They assume the physics of global warming is entirely a product of radiation changes and radiation feedback processes. They neglect variations in global evaporation which is more related to surface wind speed and ocean minus surface and air temperature differences. These are major deficiencies.

As I've said many times before here on this blog, I have over the past ten years spent literally hundreds of hours reading and researching the concept of "Global Warming" in general and the "man-made" aspect of it specifically, and if you separate the piles of cow dung laden tripe and lilly livered alarmist public consumption fodder from the real papers and information which deal with SCIENCE instead of politics and hysteria... know what?
Everything else is locked up in tree trunks in the form of growth ring samples or discovered from looking at "Ice Cores" and "sedimentary rock strata" from past glaciers or found in books written on Papyrus or chiseled in stone.
But yet the California Nasty Pelosi Liberals and the RINO Rockefeller Republicans up in Jersey and NY State all want to VOTE for a Government which will put a giant freaking TAX on everything I can use to make a fire and light a candle and cook a can of spam or drive across country at a speed faster than 3 MPH
While at the same time they are busy passing zoning laws making it illegal for me to have a garden or raise some chickens and pigs and cows or park my Howitzer Cannon and Sherman Tank in my back yard. (The 50 Cal anti-arcraft battery is already outlawed under earlier legislation.)
You almost have to absolutely be a MORON if you believe anything you read about this subject...POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE... and thus I say that running around passing laws and expanding the powers of the EPA and by default the anti-capitalistic Socialistic Fascistic tree hugging loons which have nothing better to do all day than run around crying "the sky is falling" and "the Earth is warming" is a GIANT ECONOMIC KILLER OF THE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT WE ORIGINALLY HAD HERE IN THE GOOD OLD US OF A. 
(that would be the sound of me falling over out of my chair.)
Now with all of the above said, get off of YOUR ass and go do something worth doing based on some verifiable facts today.
I know I'm going to.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Call Your Daddy

I Know That I Wish I Could...

Happy Fathers Day to all of you real men out there which are good Fathers.

I never had the pleasure and opportunity of being  a child's Daddy in life, and when it's all said and done I just might be a lessor man as a result...

...but life is what life is...and I made a choice/decision about not having my own family years ago which I have followed through with on the calendar and have to live with this time each year.

Any your Daddy while you still can...

"Pajama Jeans" Work Well With My "Snuggie"

Everybody Meet "Osama Bin Virgil"...

So I'm working my way through another Saturday night tonight watching Food network and other "late night TV programming" and all of the ignorant mindless commercials are about to drive me crazy.

First they have the "Snuggy" cheep Fleece/Flanel Rug/Comfortor/Blanket commercial all winter, and now they have the "Pajama Jeans" commerials selling denim patterened spandex to fat chix and other people which are prone to watching late night tele-info-commercials.

So I did a little Googling and a little Photo Shop work and just now I came up with what I--your lovely and talented blog writer--thought I would look like if I bought all of the stuff advertized on late night Cable:

Here I are...

(Somebody feel free to beat me within inches of my life and put me out of my misery if you will...)