Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dang I'm Cranky

Self Censorship

Blogging is hereby canceled until I have something nice to say (or at least temper the ugly stuff that comes out of my brain and off of my fingertips.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Could South Carolina Be The Turning Point?

I halfway watched the FOX News Republican debate tonight, and my man Fred Thompson looked pretty good from what I saw.

The follow up rhetoric was also positive, but after my call on sHrillary's fall in New Hampshire, who am I to say anything which you should listen to?


Taking Names And Breaking Things

Amazingly enough, I did something today that I've never done before.

I managed to drop my new cheep pre-hung metal front door while trying to install it into the rough opening. I fortunately was standing INSIDE, as it fell OUTSIDE, and neither Pat nor Missy The Turbo Pup were in the way of it's crashing demise so the only casualty was the door and finger jointed wooden frame, which was destroyed.

After a short burst of bitching and complaining about bad luck, the debris were moved to the junk pile, the opening had scrap OSB temporarily screwed across it into place, and I retreated back across the causeway to lick my wounded ego and contemplate plan B tomorrow.

The good news is that I had regretted buying a plain six panel door to begin with, so absorbing the loss financially also allows me to buy something a little nicer with some kind of glass window in the upper 1/3 to add a little more style to the entryway.

Other than that, I'm a bit short on words these days as you may have noticed, but I'm sure that's nothing a little reading and the passage of time can't repair.

Until then....feel free to entertain yourselves.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Eight Thousand Votes Short

Yeah....Well...What Can I Say???

Ed...So I wake up to this Crap, and someone expects me to be nice about it?

Time to get ready to go make some sawdust, and maybe I'll practice crying a little for my political shortcomings.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Whimper Heard 'Round The World

Too Good To Be True...

OK Folks, I'm not gonna outline the blow by blow political playcalling here because everyone on the Internet can find the Campaign stories for themselves, but just let me say that I am truly amazed that sHrillary's effort is apparently falling apart before our very eyes.

This from a well oiled political machine that was described as having a lock on the presidency four if not eight years ago.

By ten PM tonight in New Hampshire, another tiny state (1.3 million population, 95.8% white), I think that we all should know where things are going for sure.

It will be a tribute to the power of the Bloggers, FOX News, and the other members of the New Media if she drops out of the contest for President of the By God United States of America--going down in flames.

Twenty years ago this would not have been possible.

Heck, ten years ago this would probably not have been possible, but today YOU have a choice in how and where you get your news, and today WE will not let the lamestream media spoon feed us their usual liberal far left pablum.

For that, I am grateful, and I am pleased to contribute my five cents worth from this corner of the Bloggosphere.

Now it's time to get ready to go make some more sawdust. I hope you all have a good day...if you will.


Monday, January 07, 2008

John McCain & The World's Thinnest Comb-Over

Searching For A Spoon With Which To Gag Myself...

Excuse me for saying this this way, but after watching a replay of the latest FOX News Republican debate, I sincerely believe that the media and 99% of the national politicians think that most of us out here in the good old US of A are either simplistic liars or just plain stupid, and as a result that we are willing to listen to and believe inane political candidates who/whom have the exact same character.

I don't know, maybe we have done something in the past to support that notion, but today you won't find me participating.

Let's get a few things straight here...OK?

My MONEY is MY MONEY...DAMMIT. Get off my ASS and your fingers out of my WALLET.




Aliens...from MARS or Mexico..AND their drooling snot nosed children, which are "undocumented" are also according to current laws criminals and should be INELIGIBLE FOR GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE OF ANY FORM except possibly a a bus ticket or a boot on the ass to kick them and their Tacos back across the border.

GOT IT??????

By the way, that same sentiment is directed at ALL of you...Democrats and Republicans.

(meanwhile...Democrats...Who's gonna be YOUR Huckleby Huckleberry... sHrillary or Obama???)

Windows In...Moving

Back To Where We Started

I'm quite pleased to report that we walked off the job site at a little after three PM Sunday with the front exterior of the building's skin secured for the first time in weeks.

What an epic saga...

If there is ever such a thing as momentum in my work ethic, I'm harnessing it now by showing up tomorrow with Pat and Missy The Turbo Pup A.K.A "Official Job site Security Dog" in tow and we're going to do some more window demolition in the living/dining/kitchen area--hoping to get at least one if not two or three holes in the concrete block walls stuffed with their new wooden framed glass components.

I'm glad that there isn't a TV crew hanging around filming an episode of "Flip this House" or some other home improvement show based on my efforts, because I think that the final result thus far would have to be shown on the Comedy Channel or possibly MTV's "Jackass" series.

Don't worry, I am taking photos of my progress but due to the extreme nature of the scope of the renovation metamorphosis I'm saving any publication until the front facade is closer to completion i.e. the siding and trim is in place.

Believe me when I say the the changes are quite dramatic.

Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn't stop to ask about the availability of the property, although most passers-by are interested in renting, and my heart is set on selling the like new finished product to some deserving family in order to enjoy the pleasure of home ownership.

Maybe I'm just a bad businessman, but I'm willing to take a slightly lower yet fair price for my efforts if the right people come along, and the City of Brunswick has a number of down payment assistance programs I hope to take advantage of to that end.

Investors, on the other hand, will have to get their wallets and check books out because I want FULL PRICE for my pain and blood if you want to possess my baby.