Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Want Some Spicy Mustard With My Platter of Turd-Snitzel & North Korean Kim-Shit Cabbage

And Toss In A Hearty Appetizer Portion Of Toasted Iranian Persian Goat Droppings On The Side...

So by now you've heard that our first Black President...imitating his White Idol American Hemorrhoid Jimmuh Carter...has cancelled the planned Eastern European Missile Defense program in deference to the shit head Russians.

As a pubic public service, be advised that the balance of this posting has been deleted in order to keep the Secret Service off my front doorstep this evening.

That will be all...for now...

( a whispering voice...imagine a program paid for by conservative donors which enlists ex Marines and special forces members which have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses with less than a year to live and dispatches them to places like DC and San Francisco to take care of some domestic political business which we all know needs taking care of and which ACORN and the lamestream media continues to propagate through hook and crook...

oops...did I write that?)

More Stupid Government B.S.

Someone Write ME A Check...

I'm sorry Folks...I really was planning on having a quiet evening and not bitching about anything, but then I read this article on Boston.Com titled "Homeless Use Of Hotels On The Rise."

Click on the link and go read the whole thing if you can stand it, but here's the part that got my head over pressurizing and starting to rotate...

The number of homeless families living in motels funded by the state now tops more than 1,000, a dramatic 37 percent increase since June 1, a top official for the state Department of Housing and Community Development said yesterday.

Tina Brooks, undersecretary of the department, said 1,010 families - including more than 1,400 children - are now living in motels, at a monthly cost of about $2.8 million for taxpayers.

“It’s a huge strain,’’ said Brooks after a hearing of the joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities.


“We need to keep the safety net, as vulnerable as it is,’’ said Frost.

In an effort to quickly move families out of state-funded shelters, the housing department started an emergency program in late July to provide rental assistance to families who need help for up to 12 months. Brooks said 352 families received help in the program’s first month, at a cost of $850,000. She said this is a better use of money than putting them in shelters, where families live an average of eight months at a cost of $24,000 per family.

Got all that?

OK...lets get out the old calculator and do some math here.

In the second paragraph they say they've spent $2,800,000 a month keeping 1,010 "families" in motels.


Then in the last paragraph quoted they say they've tossed out $850,000 taxpayer dollars keeping 352 "families" in "motels" because it costs $24,000 per month to keep them in "shelters."


Give me a &%$#!ing break here people.

I own a house and pay my mortgage and utilities every single month for less than $1,750 per month including electricity and water and garbage and cable TV and VoIP phone and even the cost of two cell phones.

But we've got GOVERNMENT spending somewhere between $650 and $1,250 per month more MONTHLY to keep "homeless" "families" in MOTELS?

OK...after thinking for about THIRTY SECONDS I think that I have an idea that could save us all some real money in the long run.


Why not cut these "homeless" "families" a CHECK for a reasonable amount like $1,500 each month and kick their stupid asses into the street and let them do like I do and RENT or BUY themselves a place to live.

Seriously, what's wrong with that option?

Could it be that because of generations of government coddling and meddling we have ever increasing hoards of people that either are incapable of or refuse to take care of themselves and their babies?

And look at the cost to society.

Better's another a neat plan I like...

I'll take the government shelter check for $3000 and continue to pay the current operating expenses and let the "homeless" "family live in my house, and then I'll buy another nicer house and Me and Pat and the Turbo Pup will live there.

That way I'll be making payments on two houses and the government will be subsidizing the increase in equity value I gain over time.

At least at the end of the program two families will have had places to live for a year and someone (that would be ME...your lovely and talented TAXPAYER) will have gained financially from the arrangement...other than the hotel/motel owner.

I swear people, if you don't get agitated every time you see stupid stuff like this in the news and you continue to believe that it's a good idea to allow the Obamamaniacs to extend their filthy tentacles into even more areas of our lives then you deserve what's coming to you in the next twenty years.

I, personally, elect to get old and die fighting before they screw things up completely.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Hands Hurt

Pat Taking Time Off...

Well Ladies & Gentlemen, I guess I finally reached my limit in the world of home improvement.

Two Grand worth of raw material in the form of sticks or bricks or tiles or boards or raw door slabs is a lot of stuff to try and install in a week.

Of course if you buy me a $2000 front door or a $2000 Chandelier I can probably get them installed in a couple of days, but dozens if not hundreds of pieces of individual crap...

At least I still have two more days before the effort extends beyond a week but the staining and varnishing of the two solid core exterior doors will have to wait until the rain passes and the humidity drops down below 70% so it's gonna be next week regardless of any Herculean efforts I may try to expend.

I managed to break Pat's back wound my helper handling heavy boxes of laminate flooring and bags of mulch so she took a well deserved day off yesterday and will probably be on the sidelines for a while longer.

Today is day two of paint and trim installation and there's another trip to Home Depot in the works and Missy the Turbo Pup will be on guard to give everyone a good barking when needed.

Other than that, I'm too exasperated with all of this ACORN crap in the news...or the lack it seems that FOX News is the only one not willing to totally ignore the scandal as it develops.

This isn't intended to be a bigoted or a racist statement, but here goes.

I've said all along since the early days of the Obama campaign that the attendance at his events looked like a Freak show and a Circus and that the crowd he was pandering to and depending on to elect him to the Presidency could not be raised above the consequences of their own poor choices in life (educational, professional, sexual, and skin color be damned)by any "preferences" and "diversity programs" and the expenditure of any amount of taxpayer dollars.

Now I offer as proof the revelations that instead of closing their Whorehouses and going into legitimate business or funding getting an education, these idiots just want to use our money to build a bigger, better building and import a fleet of new illegals and put them in the business of breaking our laws...possibly in my neighborhood.

I say that they've proven time and time again that they can't or won't be helped and I'm tired of paying Government idiots to give them just one more chance or start one more boondoggle program designed to fail from its inception.

Enough already...Dammit...

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Front Door

The Devil's In The Details...

Me and my big mouth and my Ego.

Both (my mouth and my ego) continue to get me in trouble today.

Take my current round of home improvements, for instance.

In order to take maximum advantage of Home Depot's delivery charge, I refuse to just get enough material for one or two projects delivered at one time.


I go out and buy enough stuff and have it delivered--enough to keep a young man busy for at least a week.

That means this old man has enough raw materials lying around the property to last at LEAST a month if I keep at it all day every day.

The good news is that the kitchen floor is lying peacefully in it final resting place now, but there's new baseboards and quarter round to install and of course a new coat of paint on the walls that don't have tile back splash, and there's a solid fir french door slab for the opening out to the carport that has to have hinge recesses routed and holes cut for the knob and dead bolt before receiving stain and marine grade spar varnish and....

Did I mention the new six panel Fir front door slab (needing hinge and knob/dead bolt accommodations) or the three sets of bi-folding closet doors and the new master bathroom door and basement door?

Or the 57 bags of cypress mulch that has to be distributed before it starts raining this afternoon?

I guess I better stop writing and get another nap in before sunrise so I have the energy to start slinging trim and paint around today.

Who's ideas was all this stuff any way?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Kitchen Floor

Day Three...

Well, I'm happy to report that the new plywood kitchen sub-flooring is in place inside, and 15 of the 75 bags of mulch are scattered around outside.

Better yet, no one lost an eye in the process.

It's a good thing I don't do this sort of work for a living because someone would probably starve or freeze to death if life sustaining cash flow depended on the SPEED of my manual labor.

Today finds me attempting to lay most of eight boxes of Dupont Elite Touch Laminate Flooring in their Tuscan Stone pattern on the floor without cutting off an arm or finger during the proceedings.

My back hurts just thinking about it all, but I signed up for the program and so I guess I have to go now and finish what I started.

Regards Y'all...