Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavor

"Chunky Nobel Peace Prize"

Here...take a look at the new DQ menu item celebrating our President receiving his latest round of international recognition...

I guess it's good that you get to keep the cup, but then again... I suspect that the aftertaste will never fade...

('s me and my Photoshop at it again...)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Foreign Socialists Continue To Meddle

Nobel Prizes Made Of Silly Putty and Dog Poop...

So there I was this morning, pounding away on a proposal with one hand and wiggling my mouse doing an AutoCAD drawing with the other, when I decided to break the silence in my office by tuning in to Neal Boortz's streaming broadcast on the Web this morning.

Then the first thing I heard was President Obama giving some kind of speech.

Then my face fell off as my head exploded as I realized that this wasn't a "hope and change" speech or a "government health care reform" speech....

this empty suit was delivering his "ACCEPTING THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE" speech.

As I picked my face up off the floor and stuffed my Cerebellum and Medulla Oblongata back into my fractured cranium I felt a little better because I remembered that this same bunch of foreign sniveling booger eating eco friendly climate change disciples had also previously handed the same prize to the likes of Yasser Arafat and Jimmuh Carter.

Still, it pisses me off that they hand the thing to Obamarama after being in office for less than ten months and having accomplished WHAT?




I seem to remember in spite of his January pledges that Gitmo's still full of abused naked peaceful Muslim "detainees" being forced to watch Koran's being flushed down the toilet.

And aren't Americans are still dropping on the under staffed battlefields of Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The only thing Obamamrama has done to date is run around the planet apologizing for imagined mistakes and wrongs committed over the past 233 years...

and telling the Israelis to stop building houses and play nice with the Palestinians and Hammas.

Some %$#@ Peacemaker.

I say if SURRENDER and APPEASEMENT is the only thing necessary to win a Nobe Peace Prize, they aught to just print them up and sell them in flea markets and at yard sales.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Paducah Manusha

Road Rumblings--Day Two

After an uneventful trip of reasonable length yesterday, we managed to rumble into Western Kentucky in time for happy hour and dinner at "The Texas Roadhouse" adjacent to our hotel parking lot.

As usual when recovering from a multi day bout of "Internet Deprivation Syndrome," I was up half the night to all hours doing some work and catching up on the news on Drudge and the Blogs.

Now it's time to jump in the shower, reload the Turbo pups lockers and sea chests in the car, and blast on across Kentucky/Tennessee in time for a mid afternoon arrival at the Turbo Pup compound.

Regards Y'all

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Eastward Bound

Ready To Sleep In My Own Bed...

We woke up to a light frost on the roofs here this morning in Western Missouri.

There's a busy day ahead for everyone packing the Turbo Pup's lockers and sea chests into the Chrysler 300 in preparation of making the first leg of our journey over to Paducah, Kentucky by mid afternoon, then on back to the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River on Thursday morning.

Pat's been able to spend a week with a daughter and two soon-to-be grown granddaughters and I've made some substantial headway on the professional front and all and all I'd have to declare this to have been a successful trip...assuming that we have a safe return journey over the upcoming 725 miles of interstate highway insanity.

I still haven't had time to come up with anything creative to say regarding the stuffed shirts up in Washington DC or the other world insanities going on which hasn't already been said on FOX News or talk radio, but it's been sort of nice to act like most "regular" Americans and be so distracted I don't have a clue what's going on.

I'm sure that by Friday or Saturday I'll have developed another full "head" of steam and be spouting off about something that's making my head spin at "orbital rotational velocity."

In the mean time wish us a safe trip and continue to feel free to entertain yourselves...

if you will...

Regards Y'all

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Basement Without Internet

Is a Dungeon...

You can probably tell that I've not had much time or energy to write anything here on the blog the past few days during the daylight hours.

Thus since I only have sporatic wireless capability that makes the signal come and go with the phases of the moon and some sort of other mystical phenomena, night time blogging is virtually impossible.

I've had to just learn to live with only two or three hours of's been a rather cathartic, soul cleansing experience.

I have a sales meeting with the local production facility for a international plastics products company later this afternoon regarding an enterprise which I still don't feel at liberty to discuss here on the blog, then we head back toward the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River tomorrow stopping overnight in the metropolis of Paducah, Kentucky overnight.

Time to go now and finish my sales outline I guess.

Will someone find me something in the news to be mad about in the mean time?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekend Overload

Kansas City Rockin'

If you didn't have to work or spend time mowing the lawn...Man you should have been out here in Kansas City this weekend.

This place was rocking.

Besides the American Royal BBQ event, the city also hosted the NASCAR race and the NFL home football game on Sunday.

Giant crowds everywhere but where we were because other than the Royal BBQ the members of our extended household managed to stay safely away in the KC suburb of Liberty, MO.

On the college football front I was happy to see Georgia Tech beat Mississippi State and Auburn stomped on Tennessee (thus keeping things a little quieter when we return to the Turbo Pup Compound.)

So now there's a little professional business to take care of over the next couple of days as we continue to enjoy fall in the Midwest, then back toward the east on Wednesday.

I'll try to catch up on the news this morning and see if I can find something to complain about here on the Internet.

In the mean time, feel free to entertain yourselves...