Saturday, July 11, 2009

Most Explicatives Deleted

You Don't Even WANT To Know What I've Been Thinking...

Besides being busy doing some more Forensic Injuneering work between useless bouts of sitting beside the pool, I hate to admit that my blogging has suffered over the end of this past week because I just didn't have anything civil to write or say here.

The social and political insanity I see around me daily can only be ascribed or transcribe in what I consider to be profane terms, thus my silence as I watch Obama Rama Ding Dang and Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional puppets sputter and blither stupidity quoted as intelligent fact by various and sundry members of the lamestream national "professional" media.

I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but I've had it up to here (pointing to the top of my ever greying, ever balding soon to be 50 year old head.)

The "head Negro what be in charge" is a lieing crazy two faced bastard and the Democratic "white crackers" running around supporting him and celebrating his election are self serving simplistic fools who are hell bent on stealing all of your money and running the country into the ground in the name of "change we can believe in."

And Barney Frank is a lisping lieing thieving idiot who apparently spends more time thinking about sticking his penis in men's butts than running the country's business, and the reality that people like him and Al Franken can actually make it into the Senate tells me that we're all in a hell of a mess because I wouldn't trust these stupid assholes to run a car wash or a Laundromat let alone the largest country in the world..

That will be all...for now...


Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Milestones In Insignificant Blogging On Social Change...

I realize that by most media standards and even Blogger standards my slice of heaven little piece of the Internet here on this Blog is but a proton or neutron in the giant world of media in all forms, BUT...

I just noticed from the old Hit Counter that within the next 12 to 24 hours this Blog will be enjoying it's 70,000th visitor since I first started writing on August 8th, 2004.

Also, in that same process, with this posting, I will have written twenty three thousand and twenty eight essays or other postings since that day when I wrote on behalf of President Bush during his campaign against that useless windbag/stuffed shirt/Vietnam Veteran John sKerry in a posting called "Speaking for the President" (link).

If you are a regular reader, you also most likely understand that I realize that much of what I have written is not generally originally prophetic nor of any significant commercial value to anyone but ME, MYSELF, and I.

I also accept that much of what I have transcribed from my brain onto these pages of the Internet is annoying to some people and by some standards could be considered simplistic, inane, or down right bigoted in some circles.

That realization makes me only want to do more and more and more of the same, because every once in a while...maybe once in a few thousand or few tens of thousands of words I might strike a chord with someone else and at least make them think. They don't have to agree with me...only THINK about the topic I'm bitching about and possibly correct some error or misconceptions in their ways of living and doing business.

A single solitary success is a prescription averting failure in my book.

That said, understand these words...

For those of you that stopped by and actually cared about what (and possibly agreed with the positions) I was writing about, I thank you for your patronage.

For those of you which were offended but continued to stop here just to see what I would write next...I offer a hearty "you're welcome." Just consider this Blog to be like a train wreck or a car accident--a scene which you can't take your eyes off of as you pass it.

For my personal friends and family which tolerated my sometimes juvenile outbursts and used this page as a barometer with which to discover the level of my sanity or insanity and acted accordingly, I express my eternal gratitude for allowing me to remain out of the government institutions and roam the streets of this lovely planet and continue to inflict myself on the unsuspecting and innocent bystanders that are forced to deal with me on a daily physical basis rather from remote distances on the Internet.

I don't know what the Future holds from a blogging or on a (non)professional basis.

And I certainly don't know where I'm Goin'...but I sure know where I've been...and if I have any say in the matter...In the words of Captain Kirk:

It's Damn Sure Gonna Be "Where no man's gone before..." so stay tuned to this channel of the Internet.

That will be all...for now...

Copy Cats...

I Wish I Had Thought Of This Earlier...

So There you have honest tribute to Mr. Jackson

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


"Who Is John Galt?"

Let's see...what have I been doing besides NOT BLOGGING the past couple of days?

Things like...

Shucking and parboiling and creaming corn.

Tearing apart an old lawn mower engine...using a hammer and a gear puller (and some sockets.)

Reading technical papers on things like "spinodal curves" and BLEVE's and Water Hammer.

Sleeping late and staying up even later reading Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." (That book will scare the crap out of you when you see what is happening in this Country today and realize it was first published back in 1957.)

Sitting for a few hours each day on the deck beside the Turbo Pup Pool...working on my suntan.

Filing about a million pages of business crap and three months of paid bills and banking info.

and finally...


Time to head to the pool now...y'all have a lovely afternoon...