Thursday, May 05, 2011

15 Years Ago Today...

Inheriting Responsibility I Don't Deserve...

Sorry Ladies & Gentlemen ...I've been really busy this week and distracted and I almost forgot...

But as my title says, I just realized that fifteen years ago today I became the oldest living "Virgil" in my family, with the passing of my beloved Father on the morning of Sunday, May 5th, 1996.

I find it tough being a real man when my instincts are to continue to act like a boy, but that day sort of placed a weight on my shoulders my recently departed Uncle John once told me...explained why in his words:

 "I never really felt like I was a Man until the day my Father died."

Those words coming from a man that served a tour of duty in Europe as a B-29 tail gunner.


The best I've done is crap around in the air for a while in  a little Cessna airplane, wreck a few cars, break a few hearts, waste a whole lot of money, lose a 32' boat, sink a 10' dingy, and do a whole lot of other silly/negative/illegal stuff which is beyond the scope of this posting this morning.

In spite of personally being the number III in the generational line, I feel that I've managed to somehow operate at a lower level in spite of my inherited genetic talents and abilities when it comes to any comparison with the two other men named Virgil in my family which proceeded me in light of their great personal character, professional achievement,  and overall accomplishments.

I'm really trying to pick up the tempo these days and improve the quality of my performance here on life's stage--as Shakespeare said--in the little time I have left...if for no other reason than dedicating my efforts in memory of Virgil Sr. and Virgil Jr who proceeded me.

Regardless...and with all of the above said...We Miss You Dad...(and Granddad)


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Mind Is Blank

The News Acts Like A Giant Mental Eraser...

I swear to the Good Lord above I was almost as happy about the Navy Seals finally finding Osama not because HE WAS DEAD...

but really because I thought that it would force the Media to take a breath and stop talking about...

"The Royal Wedding."

But then I forgot that moving the aforementioned "Nuptial Event" off of the front burner on the Newspapers and TV News would require some new hysterical obsessing over something, and so now it's basically the death of one stupid asshole murdering Islamo-Fascist which has caused my eyes to roll back in my head 24/7 because of the wall to wall breathless coverage and inane political debate.

Please...can't they just give it a break a little while and act like there is some remote possibility that everyone doesn't deserve or even wants to hear every single freaking tiny detail leak out on a second by Second by SECOND BASIS?


Fortunately I had to leave the TV off most of the day in the shop because I had my programmer over installing and testing software and I was jumping through hoops trying to get five expensive fluid level sensors programmed and come 5:00 PM I had only had to look at about 15 minutes of TV all day.

Then I cooked dinner and yelled letters and words at the TV while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and was starting to calm down and feel normal...

...then I turned on FOX News and lapsed back into an immobile catatonic state again.

Then I fell asleep and when I woke up Pat had changed channels over to Food Network and "Cupcake Wars" was coming on and I ran screaming from the room to my computer and turned on NetFlix and started watching old "Munsters" season 1 reruns.

Maybe now that my senses have returned I can get some more work done.

Y'all have a good evening and keep up with the Osama coverage if you can stand it...I'll expect a 300 word report on my desk by 10 AM tomorrow summarizing the latest news coverage.

Monday, May 02, 2011

My Own "Inside Edition"...Details Of Osama's Funeral

Mean Politically Incorrect Things I Think Of...

I was thinking of writing an elaborate posting here this evening addressing how I would have handled Osama Bid Laden's funeral, but I'm too busy right now to spend the time.

Here's my outline which I wrote during dinner and reserve the rights to elaborate on with more words and pictures later:

First of all, I would have dressed the dearly departed's corpse in a lovely white head dressing and prayer tunic woven from genuine American Yorkshire hog hair.

Next, I'd place him in a specially designed coffin with a lining made from slightly crisped bacon.

Inside the coffin would be gifts for Mohammad, including an assortment of hams and pork sausage from Hickory Farms.

Then, If I were Abduhl or Ishmale or St. Peter or whoever was responsible for managing Osama's trip to the Pearly Gates to meet Mohammed and his 72 virgins, I would arrange for the Pig named Arnold from Green Acres ghost to be seated beside him in the next seat, and the in flight movies would be would be the entire trillogy of the "Babe" the pink pig movies for his enjoyment.

And finally, once Mohammed presented the virgins to Osama, I would make sure that they all look like Janet Napolitano, Madaleine Allbright, sHrillary Clinton, and of course Helen Thomas (the expelled Lebonese White House Reporter.) 

And maybe there would also be a few of the flaming Islamic Gay Guys that were killed by mandate of the Peaceful Religion of Islam standing there with a few Ideas with what to do with Bid Laden's "pretty mouth" and sorry Ass when all things are said and done.

Thus, with that partial evening Rant here Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm fairly certain someone will probably stop by to comment and call me things like a mean old Redneck, semi-Christian, bigoted, racist, and possibly a homophobic insensitive bastard

And...I are...aren't I?

(and damn proud of it BTW...)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Islamo-Fascist's Dead Osama Bin Laden's Dead

Breaking News...

I was sitting here trying to get started up in my shop, all the while wincing my way along enduring Hernando Revolver's Geraldo Rivera's blithering on FOX News.

They were talking up the sudden calling of a news conference by the President late on Sunday night.

Then they rambled through a series of information flashes which ultimately said that Bin Laden was shot and killed last week and that the DNA verification testing was just made available tonight.

So now we have to listen to President Obama crow about his administration doing something that President Bush couldn't or wouldn't do...killing Osama?

And does that mean by default that Obama killed Osama?

Regardless of who actually did the deed or where it was done, all in all it's a good thing I think.

(I tossed in the "Hernando Revolver" reference for all of you Cheech and Chong fans out there...)

Back To The Grind

Injuneering Ensues...

Well, after a crazy week and weekend featuring a schedule turned upside down by Wednesday night's severe weather and the resulting damage, I'm hoping to get back on schedule beginning later tonight.

I managed to crawl up on the roof to inspect the damage and get all of the shredded tree limbs and leaves cleaned out of the gutters.

Pat wandered around the back yard with a rake generating a giant pile of more leaves and crap shredded by the two hail storms.

We also replaced a couple of tomato plants that were beat and broken to the ground, and since I'm hard headed I planted EVEN MORE tomatoes along with some onions and cucumber plants.

That gets things in the gardening department of the Turbo Pup Compound back up to about the 60% level of completion...with some more stuff going in later this month after we get back in town for the upcoming field start up trip for the waste water storage control system.

Speaking of said control system, the panel is basically tested electrically but it's still dumb as a brick without the software which is being delivered this week

Now I have to go down to the shop and start programming and testing the ultrasonic level sensors before I get to the field.

I'm too busy to even rip off a good rant about the insanity in the news or something this evening, so I'll talk to Y'all later I guess...