Friday, December 17, 2010

Niagara Falls Is FALLING ? ! ? !

Early Government Stupidity...

I'd forgot about this story of idiocy use of taxpayer money.

Back in 1969 the US Army Corps of Engineers decided to dry up the western branch of Niagara Falls so that they could test if the face of the rock was stable.

Apparently someone in the government--probably goaded by concerned geologists and environmental whackos--thought it was a good idea to try to stop it (the falls) from moving if it was or something.

It seems that the pointy headed idiot government do-gooders wanted to preserve the falls in its "present state" for visitors just like the eco-terrorists want to prevent the extinction of animals/plants and the "climate changers" believe that the perfect temperature for the planet earth is what it was when they passed the Kyoto warmer or no colder.

Problem is that anybody that has visited Niagara (and anyone that thinks clearly for that matter) knows that the falls have been moving upstream for millions of years to their present position through the process of erosion. There's even a display of the falls showing where they were at different times through history.

Yet the Imperial Federal Government of the By-God United States of 'Merica spends money trying to think about stopping the falls from moving further in order to "preserve" our natural beauty.

Here's a link to some photos of the process.

I'm surprised these same morons haven't spent money trying to keep the Grand Canyon from getting any deeper or possibly silting in when Global Warming causes the Sea levels to Rise.

I wish instead of doing stuff like this they'd lower my taxes so I could have the money to put a new roof on my house and buy a new central heating/AC system, but the Government as usual today has better ideas on how to spend my money that I have.

Is it just me?

Too Tired To Blog Right Now

Assignment For The Day...

Here's an Idea.

Think of something you find offensive--thought, word, or deed--and put my name on it.

Pissed off now?


That will be all...for now...


Thursday, December 16, 2010

In The Words Of Commedian Steve Martin...

"WELL EXCUuuuuuusssSSSSSS....MeeeeeEEEEEE!!!"

So...Ladies and seems that now our Military...that would be the military of the United By-God States of 'Merica...has gone out recently and managed somehow to "offend" the stupid towel heads   dune goons sand niggers people that used to refer to themselves as "Perisans" before the British and French screwed everything up after WWI and renamed Persia  new places we know on the map or your globe as parts of Iran and Iraq and Turkey and some of  the "Stans" (Afghanistan and Pakistan and Ubekestan and "whatever i-stan.") we get started remember I'm a blogging terrorist from a place in the southern US called Alabamastan originally, and having lived in Georgiastan and Floridastan and now Tennesseeastan...don't start hating me because of my use of the politically incorrect terms for people of "Arab" descent because I'm the kind of Redneck that will draw a cartoon of Mohammad with my feces using a pork bone as a paintbrush on a piece of toilet paper just to piss you off when you start bitching at me.

O Tay?  And since comments are still turned off you just have to fester in your own pants you pissed in when you read the first paragraph of this rant and look for powder to prevent diaper rash.

Any way, here's the link to the story about the US innocently starting to call the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf and that little Capuchin Monkey Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullah idiots running Iran--the same idiots threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the planet and  supporting worldwide terrorism --getting...

O F F E N D E D.

WaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA...I'm So Sad......

What's in a name? Apparently a lot, when the name in question is synonymous with the ancient culture and heritage of a fiercely proud people.

The U.S. military found this out the hard way after the Navy shifted its official policy and began referring to the Persian Gulf as the "Arabian Gulf." The name change provoked outrage from the easily provoked government of Iran -- which was known as Persia from around the sixth century BC until 1935. The move also drew fire from Iranian advocacy groups. Many outraged partisans of the old name took to the Navy's Facebook page to slam the American government.

[Iran says key site has higher uranium ore reserves]

The usage of "Arabian" rather than "Persian" fuels existing U.S.-Iran tensions, Jamal Abdi, policy director an Iranian-American advocacy group, told Fox News. "This is an ethnically divisive term. ... It's very troubling."

The Navy says it has used the term for many years and no one complained until officials recently posted the Navy's official style guide online. In a statement posted to its Facebook page, the Navy said that it continues to respect the "long and proud history of the Persian people" and reassures Iranian readers that Navy officials haven't done "anything out of malice or disrespect for your proud heritage that has existed long before we were even a navy." The Navy's flacks went on to explain:

"The use of the term 'Arabian Gulf' vice Persian Gulf is used by naval forces including our regional partners there for years. We use this term in press releases, news stories, and photos coming from the Navy in the region. The often cited Navy Style Guide that says to use the term 'Arabian Gulf' vice Persian Gulf is really only applicable to them since commands in their area would be the only naval forces publishing stories in the region. In most other respects (nautical charts and publications, for example) the historic name of Persian Gulf is used. We value and respect the partners with whom we serve around the globe, and mean no harm or insult to any people or country."

So I say that we can call any body of water on the map or globe or Google Earth a toilet bowl or a fish bowl or whatever the hell we want to call it while at the same time not caring what people that insist on their women and much of their male population live in conditions we had here in America in the 17th and 18th century think about us in the process.

And you can shove your objection to my language here in this posting into the deepest depths of your neither regions if you don't like it.

And no, I'm not angry or stupid, I'm just an insensitive bastard that's tired of every idiot on the planet running around with their feeling spread out on the ground waiting for Americans in General and me specifically to make a wrong step or utter a word or sentence which they find offensive.

And in closing...look at this video and feel free to not stop back by here if you don't laugh...


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

31 Cards And $13.64 Postage Later

Holiday Greetings Accomplished

Dang it...

I lost my Excell Spreadsheet I did a couple of years ago and updated last year that had all of the addresses for all of my Christmas Card list.

I also tracked what kind of card I sent to each recipient so that I didn't sent the same card out two years in a row to the same person.

Thus I was forced to close my eyes when I used up the last cards in the old boxes and there may be some people out there which received a redundant "Merry Christmas" or "Season's Greeting" again.

Sorry.  How pedestrian of me.

I know many people don't worry about that kind of thing, but for some reason I do and it bothers me to think I was so shallow so as to not offer an genuinely unique sentiment each time the month of December comes up on the calendar.

And of course this year I was too lazy to design and print my own cards or even put a picture of the Turbo Pup out in the process, but then again I'm quite busy professionally and my spare time has to be reserved to doing things like sleeping and writing blogs pissing off minority groups.

So sue me...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dionne Warwick's Birthday

Memories From A Long Time Ago...

My blog Friend and Idol Paul Mirengoff over at Powerlineblog reminds me this morning that singer Dionne Warwick celebrated her 70th birthday yesterday.

Stop by over there and take a look at Paul's writing...being the avid music aficionado that he is.  He and his fellow bloggers also produce some pretty good political commentary which has gained national recognition.

But any way, what brought the event of celebrating Miss Warwick's birthday home to me personally was some early memories of me riding to 1st grade school with my beloved Father in his 1963 vintage Red Volkswagen convertible listening to WOZK's AM radio broadcast from Ozark, Alabama every morning...driving across the US Army's "Aviation Center" at Ft. Rucker Alabama...with songs like Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk"  following along with songs like Dionne's "Walk On By"

The editor of that video added clips of Vietnam War scenes which seem somehow appropriate based on my own experiences growing up outside a military base during that era.

Those were the days...GOOD or BAD they happened and they're part of our national history.

Winter Weather At The Turbopup Compound

19 Degrees And Still Falling...(Snow and Temperature)

We got a pretty good little snow storm here starting about noon Sunday. 

In a way it was nice because we had bought a Christmas tree Saturday and were in the process of decorating it as the snow fell.  Being from the south I've only had a few seasons with a true "White Christmas" so it's sort of neat to see snow on the ground during the holidays

The real part of the storm started falling around dark and looking outside it's still coming down lightly and the wind is blowing things around.

I'd guess maybe 4" total so far but it's hard to tell because the first part melted because everything was warm from the mid 50's temperatures yesterday.  That bit of warmth will hopefully save us from a major power outage and keep the insanity on the roads and turnpikes to a minimum.  I hate it when the weather is bad and people have to set out on the highways and airlines to travel for the holidays and someone ends up hurt or dead in the process.

I haven't ventured outside since the storm started but maybe I'll get on the parka and ski bibs and wander around after sunrise and take some pictures and put them up here on the blog.

I wish I was back somewhere sitting in the Sun in Florida or on our Little Island down on the Georgia Coast right now, but in the mean time...

Y'all stay inside and put an extra log on the fire and let things melt a little before you head out if you can.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Bunch Of Nekkid Women Are Following Me On Twitter

Where Were They All When I Could Have Used Them?

Being a seasoned Blogger now for over SIX years, some people might notice that I take a little different approach to things here on the computer than some of my friends and peers.

Take this new stuff like Facebook and Twitter, for instance.


Blogging lite in my opinion. 

You log on...

then blab a little about whatever it is that's going on in your life or bothering you, then you log off.


Same thing...

except you have to limit your thoughts and opinions to 140 characters.

Thus I spend little time on Facebook and even less time on Twitter because generally what I have to say takes more bandwidth and words to spout forth than either of those platforms allows and supports.

So any way, for some reason the ladies over at Twitter...mostly women without clothing...have decided to send me messages recently indicating their desire to "follow" me on Twitter and in the process sending me pictures of their breasts and other body parts for my perusal and enjoyment.

Thing is...

I refuse to peruse said fotos because I'm fairly certain I've seen similar structures made of flesh and uncovered or covered with hair in the past many times, and the websites attached thereto will probably give my computer some virus or worm or other digital infestation or malady causing the shaking shuddering heebie jeebies and I'll spend three days and nights fighting to regain control of the situation.

Thus to all of the young women out there...many if not most old enough to be my daughter or even my grand-daughter...

keep your private parts covered and stop following me offering pictures of same because I'm too old to care anymore.

Twenty or thirty years ago it would be a different story, but still...we haven't been properly introduced...

O Tay?