Friday, October 06, 2006

Harvest Moon

Looking For The Great Pumpkin

I have a suggestion for your entertainment this evening.

Step outside about sunset tonight and take a gander at this year's Harvest Moon.

I'll meet you on East Beach about 7:15.

I’m Still Multi-Tasking

Substance Over Style

I just realized that I have as yet failed to mention the current Washington DC uproar over grown men chasing young boys—apparently in public.

My reasons are twofold, but in the interest of closure---let me say THIS about THAT.

First, since Mark Foley resigned immediately after the scandal became public I believe that the issue should be relegated to a law enforcement and civil issue between the boys and their families and former representative Foley.

Second, being that it is fairly obvious that the timing of the disclosure and the ongoing hysterical witch hunt which has expanded to include Republican leader Dennis Hastert has been driven based on purely partisan ideology, I think that most people out there (other than the wild eyed liberals and the lamestream media) are tired of listening and wish that it would just go away.

Don’t worry, because on this blog you probably won’t hear or read another word on the subject.

On the home front, I’m trying to stop playing with the new computer and start actually getting some work done on it, but the DVD player keeps playing things like old episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and the movie "Lord of the Rings" and thus my eyes lock onto the screen and hours slip past in what seems like minutes.

I promise to try to do better.

In the ongoing effort to improve my physical fitness and reduce the tonnage of my ever graying, ever balding carcass, yesterday Pat and I took delivery of two of Electra’s Townie 3 bicycles from our local dealer—Monkey Wrench Bicycles. They built them to our specifications in the shop from basic bikes by adding parts and accessories, and they are really cool looking--very "sixties retro."

Actually, mine is a low keyed black 3S with a front suspension, brushed aluminum fenders, a black saddle bag and rear rack.

Pat opted for an Apple Green frame with a PINK seat, PINK saddle bag, and PINK handgrips--if you don't see HER coming you must be blind.

We rode over to the Sea Palms Country Clubhouse for dinner last night, and upon learning that the restaurant was hosting a private party, we turned around and rode another mile and one-half over to another local restaurant.

I haven’t covered that much distance on a bicycle in at least twenty years, and for all of the spastic nanny-governmet liberals out there, be advised that I'm NOT wearing a helmet because I have such a hard head.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Computer

Paralized With New Hardware Features...

I walked into Circuit City Yesterday about noon with $3000 cash in my pocket and a burning desire to leave the building with one of these, an HP Pavilion dv8380us notebook PC.

I'm in heaven, still trying to comprehend features like these:

Intel dual core 1.83 Ghz processor.

Not one, but TWO 120 Gigabite hard drives

CD/DVD burner with laser litescribe label burner

TV tuner


17" WXGA wide screen

Two wireless remote controls for the media functions.

The sad thing was that after finding the computer on the Circuit City Web site, I almost had to beat the two employees in the computer department of the local store to make them sell me one.

The first idiot salesman which I talked to actually denyed that they carried it, and it was only after insisting that the website said that it was in stock in the Brunswick store and indicated that I had to buy it in the store to get the sale price did a second employee manage to find the SKU and find one laying on a shelf in an unopened box in the back room.

I swear, if there was another store in town I would have left and paid $100 extra for the thing, because those two ingrates acted like it was some kind of trouble for me to force them to take my $1,900 plus tax.

I guess I will never understand the mentality of some retail employees.

Any way...between setting up and copying software to the new machine and getting ready for my meeting at city hall, I was up untill 4 AM.

At 8:45 AM the Mayor's administrative assistant called me and cancelled our meeting--actually moving it to a future date to be determined.

Dang it.

I was all fired up, but I guess that I can use the extended time to do a little more work on the project plans, and I promise to get back to doing some quality blogging.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy


Dang it all ladies and Gentlemen, but my post-vacation obligations are definitely cutting into my nap time and blogging schedule these days.

Besides having to get myself ready to meet with the Mayor and the gang down at city hall Wednesday morning on my City park planning ideas, now I'm spinning around trying to produce another technical seminar in late November up in Alberta Canada with my friend Wayne Kisrner, the guy I refer to as The Waterhammer Nerd.

Chasing engineers is a lot like trying to herd cats, but I hope to find at least 15 people in the Ft. McMurray area (way up in the northern reaches of Alberta in the oil sand mining region) that will pay us $400 each and sit still for a day while we wave our arms and present a Powerpoint presentation on Steam Waterhammer.

If you know anybody that meets this criteria, have them give me a call, and in the mean time please excuse the light blogging schedule...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Alien Landscape

I Was There...

Now I'm looking at Western Canada and Alaska...with a side trip to Connecticut