Saturday, September 22, 2007


I've Found Ancient Island Artifacts...

I was wandering around outside today in my yard and was amazed to find this previously undiscovered structure:

My discovery brought this scene to mind, thus the name of this posting:

Upon further study and investigation, it appears to be some kind of millenia old industrial structure designed by a race of long haired worshipers of the God of Deaireated Boiler Feed Water.

Here's what it probably looked like in the year 1959 BC:

And here's where the God of Propane Fire comes into the picture:

In spite of my best efforts in recreating the ancient rituals, I have to pray and do some more work tomorrow because my spirit isn't in the right place right now.


Friday, September 21, 2007

My Latest Monstrosity

It Looks Like Government Surplus...

In an effort to ensure my attention to quality control, all of my work is supervised by this horrible creature:

Errors will not be tolerated.

Global Warming Weenies Celebrate

Actually they're crying in their Tofu Soup

I just got an E-mail from the National Weather Service saying that the soggy mess that we've been living under for the past few days has moved itself west and gotten organized over the Gulf of Mexico. Here, take a look:

There are actually some people out there who are secretly wishing that this storm will attain Hurricane strength and land back on top of New Orleans as Katrina part II. Of course they'll never admit it in public, but that's about the only thing that can keep this season from being a complete bust for them and their alarmist friends.

Does anyone but me notice that it's September 21st, eleven days past the peak of the 2007 Hurricane season, and this is only the tenth Tropical Depression?

What happened to the record season and killer storms Al Gore and his wild eyed tinfoil hat wearing followers were threatening us with?

This season has been even milder than 2006 was, but that didn't stop even a few normally reputable, well balanced people at NOAA and the Weather Channel from jumping on the human induced climate change bandwagon.

I thought that Global Warming was going to put me and most of NY City under 20 feet of water by Labor Day.

I've resisted writing in detail about what I know about this subject in the recent past, but let's just say that I'm privy to some private writings by people like Doctor Richard Lindzen, a Meteorologist at MIT, whom has been vilified by much of the so-called "scientific community" that supports man made global warming as fact.

The problem is, just because you have a PHD in some discipline like Ancient Indian Toilets or have the word "Scientist" in your job title/job description while you do obscure work in the field of Magneto-Hydrodynamics, doesn't mean that you know BEANS about predicting the weather and analyzing weather data.

In spite of what the "Professor" on Gilligan's Island told you, all smart people don't know everything about everything--particularly technical disciplines needing super computers to tell me it's going to rain tomorrow and then manage to be wrong almost half of the time.

If the weather nerds at the Weather Channel can't tell me today what the temperature is going to be at my house next Monday, how can they be relied on to tell me that it's going to be 1 degree hotter every day of the year twenty years from now?


I'm waiting for someone to give me an answer...

Yeah, I thought so...

OK, time's up, I've got to go out to the driveway now and try blowing up some copper pipe I'm putting together in the name of science.

Since I can't afford my own Corporate Jet, maybe my propane torch will help me raise my own carbon footprint.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Juice Is Loose

Who But The Prosecutor Even Cares?

Just watch...

I predict that this murdering asshole will run before it's all over with, and this time it won't be a "slow speed police chase."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Living Off Broadway

Working In The Theater Again...

The ironic thing about our move last month was that I landed here on Alabama Street on our little Island. (I'm FROM Alabama originally...GET IT?)

Around us are streets with other original names like Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and nearby Broadway that runs parallel to Peachtree Street one block over. I'm not sure if I'm just lost on the globe in the southeastern US, or wandering somewhere in Atlanta sometimes, but then I snap to my senses and remember that we live here in paradise.

Thank GOD...

This morning I'm taking time off from my scientific research to head over to Brunswick to do some stage prep work for my buddies Rob and Heather at the Ritz Theater. I've spent a good deal of time over the past year or so making sawdust on their behalf building Theater sets and things to support their ongoing presentations, and they have some platforms they need put together for an upcoming show and I volunteered to fire up some of my new tools and "get er done.".

I may stop by Lowes or Home Depot and get a few more things to blow up this afternoon, or I may just come home and screw around in the yard doing some pruning and other maintenance that's been festering while I contemplated my research efforts.

Good gosh the weather is wonderful--I can stand outside for a couple of hours and not break a sweat.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mission Control Photo's

I'm Demanding Comfort In The Face Of Danger...

This afternoon I'm out in the side yard fooling around with a slightly modified apparatus, and things aren't going as planned in this phase.

At least I'm nice and comfortable, having brought in a patio chair and provided myself with a drink and ashtray to support the smoking of a nice Honduran No. 2 Colorado Cigar in the process.

(The big thing in the background with masses of green ferns growing on it is my new friend "Mr. Live Oak Tree" that lives in the middle of our front yard.)

Now instead of slamming my model with 150 PSI air in a single burst, I'm letting the compressor slowly raise the pressure. Things are so banged up and worn out from yesterday's antics that now I'm having to head off to Ace Hardware for some fresh plastic parts.

Can you say "Weird Science?"


Here's A Live Video Feed...Put on your safety glasses...

Am I Slightly More Than Slightly Disturbed...Or What?


Don't Call The Law

I'm Playing Outside...

As I've mentioned before, for the past month or so I've been studying an accident in a laundry and steam plant up in Atlanta that injured two people and caused a good deal of property damage.

Here's a photo of the actual accident scene:

That big white thing in the foreground is a 6" steel condensate pipe with a couple of inches of insulation wrapped around it.

The big round thing in the middle is a 42" diameter condensate receiver that had both flat ends blown off of it during the accident.

What is amazing to us is that both ends let go at once, so my job is to reproduce the accident on a smaller scale without using lethal 110 PSI 300 degree steam and burning my face and legs off in the process.

This morning I went over to Ace Hardware and bought some more brass and PVC pipe fittings, and when I got home I fooled around in my garage for awhile building my idea of a tank model, then I wandered out into an unimproved area of the side yard between our house and a big board fence to the house next door, and here's what I did with my contraption when it was all connected up to my air compressor:

In some places this might be considered against the law, but down here in the south we still call it...

R E S E A R C H.


Monday, September 17, 2007

The Status Is Quo

Things Are As They Should Be...In My Mind...

Well, they locked OJ up again. I'm not sure if he ever really spent one single night in jail before now, but he's truely one stupid negro brother black former pro football player African American if he couldn't manage to run far, far away from the US and US jails after escaping a life sentence back in the 1990's.

I just have to shake my head and chuckle at his silly ass.

Meanwhile, the rain has returned to the Georgia coast and we basically hid inside for half of Saturday and Sunday, and as a result I did manage to get some good cooking done with the production of a Hawaiian Pizza Saturday night and Chicken Piccatta last night. Missy the Turbo Pup made it on Pizza and Pizza crust leftovers quite nicely.

Sunday before it started raining I cranked up the air compressor and tried to make some metal cans blow up in my driveway as part of my forensic work on the Atlanta Westin laundry accident project.

Can you guess which can I've been fooling with from this picture?

(They were both the same height when I started.)

Nothing actually exploded because the air hose fitting came loose, but after a little modification I will probably make a hole in something before the day is out tomorrow.

Would everyone be so kind as to take up a collection for my bond after the GBI and the FBI show up to discuss my operations?

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, someone send up a flare...


Sunday, September 16, 2007

US Hurricane Season Still A Bust--Part II

Al Gore Still Doesn't Care...

Well, it's looking more and more like everyone should thank me for buying flood insurance for the first time this year.

On not one but TWO residences.

Both are within a couple thousand yards of the Atlantic Ocean...which, by the way, hasn't
risen up and flooded my dog and my bike off the front porch yet.

Wait a minute...

I just checked, and the Turbo Pup is in bed with Pat and the bike is still sitting comfortably where I left it.

Murphy's law working like it does, I suspect that things might have turned out differently if we had just resorted to sitting here with our eyes closed wearing our bathing suits and life preservers.

My generator is still sitting in the unopened box with a dry gas tank. I really want to get it out and play with it, but the salt air down here would probably disolve it into a pile of rust and faded plastic parts if I opened the shrinkwrap so I've resisted the urge.

I looked at the 2 AM forecast which has the latest threat, former tropical storm Ingrid, turning to turn north to die off shore in the cooler waters:

At the risk of jumping the gun, I think that I'll go take a bath in my emergency drinking water in celebration...