Saturday, May 29, 2010

Miss Teen America's Gonna Solve World Problems

Forget A Map...Buy The Girl A Brain New Globe

Is anyone but me not surprised that so many people these days waste 12 years in government schools and end up thinking/talking like this?

If I were a younger man that age, I wouldn't care how good looking she is, I'd run far far away because...

...just because...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Let the Hurricane Hysteria Begin

Owl Gore And His Rag-Tag Hippie followers Smile And Run For The Hills...


I had to stop what I was doing this morning and write this in order to stop my eyeballs from rolling back into my cranium and spit from flying all over my computer screen.

The story is everywhere on TV including FOX News.

I assume you've seen it?

According to the "National Hurricane Center", everyone living within 50 miles of the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, North & South Carolina and possibly Virginia is going to be injured or die because in this "Hurricane Season" beginning June 1, 2010 they're predicting...


14 to 23 Named storms

8 to 14 Storms which at some point reach Hurricane strength

3 to 7 Major Hurricanes i.e. reaching Category III with winds of 111 MPH

Then the "reporters/commentators/news readers" proceed to tell us that this may be the year that exceeds 2005...


All I have time to say right now is:

"Screw these idiots...and screw you if you believe anything they say and vote to allow the government to pass laws restricting my life based on computer and climatologist's pontifications."

Is that CLEAR enough for you to understand it?

I have to go back to work now and will probably be back later after doing some Googling the topic with some salient points instead of insults, so this will have to do for now.


Turbo Pup Beach Takes Shape

Kicking Sand In My Own Face...

I'm pleased to report that after an uneventful trip we arrived back in Knoxtown late yesterday to the Turbo Pup Compound on the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River.

After unloading the car and sorting out most of a week's worth of mail, we then made the obligatory trip to Home Depot followed by dinner.

Then we came home and I collapsed into my own bed before Wheel of Fortune ended on TV.

This morning I find myself contemplating the potential uses of three hundred and fifty pounds (seven bags) of "play sand" and a bunch of PVC pipe which is laying around outside awaiting my efforts to be spent re-installing our little 3 foot deep above ground Puppy pool and cleaning up the associated sandy beach area and boardwalk.

The PVC pipe and fittings will be used in the process of taking two old cheap pool filter casings left over from the past two seasons and mating them with a new 1/2 HP external pump in an effort to produce a new and improved filtration system for about $50 total cost.

In the process I get to use my mechanical engineering skills to design some kind of hybrid "Frankenstein" contraption and try to keep it from burning the house down or hurting someone.

Right now I still have five fingers attached to each hand, I'll let you know if that's still true at the end of the day today...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travel & Success Successful Travel

Back Toward The Turbo Pup Compound...

Well, after a good visit with family and a series of profitable & productive business contacts over the past five days, it's time to load the old Chrysler 300 up again and head back east to the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River.

As we did on the trip westward, we're breaking this journey up into two legs which will see us home Thursday afternoon.

Honestly I'm ready to get back home because I have things to do...important things like sleeping in my own bed and on my own sofa.

And the Turbo Pup needs to give the rabbits and squirrels in her yard a good barking, and Pat's got a bunch of work scheduled for Friday so as the month winds down toward Memorial Day weekend we'll be in a good position to hit the grocery store and the liquor store and then go home and hide from the masses celebrating the holiday.

You couldn't PAY ME to go anywhere near the beach this weekend, and local attractions like Cade's Cove and Dollywood and Gatlinburgh are also definitely off my to do list for the next weekend for the next month for the next hundred years pretty much any time.

The older I get, the more I have an growing aversion to any place with crowds of "tourists" and most anything corporately produced to be considered a "tourist attraction."

I guess the crowd phobia also causes many natural attractions like parks and islands and oceans and things to be on my "not-to-do" list except in the "off season."

So any way, thank God for the Interstate highways, allowing us to make what once was a two or three month journey across country in just two days.

Wish us a safe trip, if you will...

and Regards...Y'all...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seven Hundred Graduating Kids?

Setting Through A Three Hour Commencement...

Sorry about the light posting, but I've been distracted the past couple of days watching tittering hoards of 17 and 18 year old kids being herded through the pre-parties and parties and ceremonies relating to ending 12 plus or minus years of public schooling.

The local high school here in suburban Kansas City, MO has grown to the point where they're opening another high school next year and splitting the GIANT STUDENT BODY between the two facilities.

All I can say right now after last night's adventure is...


Because I'll probably be back here in two years doing the same sort of things again.

Time to finish up some paperwork in anticipation of a business meeting this afternoon before packing the Turbo Pup's lockers and sea chests back into the car and heading back east again tomorrow.

Regards Y'all...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm An Illegal Alien?

A Confederate In A Midwest Kitchen...

Well, we made it to the far side of St. Louis by mid afternoon on Saturday.

Then we parked the car, walked the Turbo Pup, and took a break after seven and one half hours on the interstate.

It's tough getting older. When I was 25 I would have thought nothing of going ahead and finishing the trip covering another 3-1/2 hours to the Kansas City suburbs and saved the hotel bill.

Today, through either maturity or experience or just pure laziness, I rarely plan trips going down the road for much longer than about eight hours at a time.

I think that it's just plain common sense to limit the time spent sitting in a car each day unless there's a medical/family emergency or a dire business situation demanding your attendance.

The same pretty much holds true for travel by air.

Sitting in an airport and on a commercial airliner for much over six or eight hours over extends my patience and personal fortitude to the point of risking arrest--for ripping the arm off some idiot and beating them to death with it.

So I either stay home or plan my trips these days in eight hour increments.

Adequate sleep and attendance at dinner and happy hour far outweigh the need to change geographic locations in my opinion.

So any way, we're looking at only a three and one half hour final leg in our trip tomorrow morning, then I'm supposed to help in the kitchen and possibly man a barbeque grill for a few hours in preparations for the big High School Graduation party.

Here's hoping y'all have a LOVELY Sunday...