Friday, March 18, 2011

Watching Old Men Sing

Dang...I'm Old Too...

Well, I managed to spend the night for the first time since we lived in Eastern Tennessee in downtown Knoxtown last night after going to see this guy in concert:

Yes, that would be Gordon Lightfoot (acually the opening photo is his original  lead guitarist Terry Clements who just passed away February 20th at the age of 63.)

Talk about sitting in a building full of middle aged to old white people...

Any wayyyy...

We had tickets down front on the second row about 25 feet from Gordon who sang his heart out but physically has seen his better days at the age of 73.

He did a 45 minute opening set, and then did a little over an hour after a 30 minute intermission opening the second set with his Billboard number two hit "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

Of course Mr. Lightfoot looks a little different than he appears in those videos, but he still delivered the show with a great deal of enthusiasm and vigor and came back for an encore in polite response to the crowd's ovation.

So now we'll get moving I guess and wander around a little in the downtown Knoxtown Market Square district and have a late Brunch at one of the Turbo Pup Friendly patio restaurants before heading back home to the western banks of the Mighty Tennessee River mid afternoon.

Until then...Regards Y'all...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Please Excuse Me While I Walk Over

And Smash You In The Head

You are hereby advised...

IF you utter the words "eco-friendly"...

Or "Green Energy"...

In my presence.

You are subject to having to file a police report after visiting the Emergency Room at your local Hospital.


That will be all...

For NOW...


I'm Busy As Crap

Trying To Avoid A Bad Attitude...

Somewhere sometime ago I read a saying that life is something like 10% to 15% reality and 85% to 90% the perception of the happenings arround you and how you handle it all.

Unfortunately, after nearly 52 years, I'm still working on the "perception" part of that process.

I know that it's not all about me or aimed at me or caused by me and my inability to forsee any given circumstances at any given minute, but still...

Thus after returning back home here to the Turbo Pup Compound on the Banks of the Mighty Tennessee River I've been struggling with the puch list of things I have to get done in the order I have them written down on my "TO DO" List.

As usual, the insignificant stuff has taken care of itself, but the critical path stuff regarding professional endeavors yielding improtant things like making an income are a bit tougher.

And Blogging?

Unfortunately, creative writing or otherwise insensitive expulsions of politically incorrect rantings has to take a back seat for the moment.

O Tay?

See Y'all later then...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Tired To Sleep

I'm Getting Too Old For This...

The good news is that I had a little luck last evening and gave up my seat on a two flight run from Atlanta through Charlotte to Knoxtown in return for a $200 voucher and a seat on a non-stop flight home.

Made it back in time to do dinner and get home before the original flight was supposed to land in East Tennessee.

I've slept for four hours and then couldn't stand it any more and had to get up and check the mail and cruise the Internet news sites.

Now if someone will hit me in the head with a big stick I'll go back to sleep and catch up after a hectic weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Perfectly Good Beach & Awsome Spring Weather

And I'm Only Here Long Enough To Wish I Was Here Longer...

I've been up since 6 AM looking out at the water while standing on the boardwalk over the sand dunes.


A few hours work.

A couple of Screwdriver cocktails.

Time now to go bury my Uncle John.

He would appreciate a day like today...probably go crabbing or out gigging flounder 30 years ago.

I'm gonna miss that great old guy.