Friday, October 22, 2010

Silence Is Golden?

Distractions Over-Ride Blogging...

Sorry for the lack of commentary here on the blog this week, but I've been mentally distracted since getting back to town from Alabama last weekend...getting ready to go out of town again this weekend.

This trip we're heading to the mountains of Northwest Georgia.

That, and professionally I've had a bunch of paper work and design crap to do this week and when I had the time to write something I was too mentally exhausted to write anything interesting or even provocative.

You know?

Believe me, when someone as outspoken and opinionated as I can be feels like they don't have anything worth reading to say or write it's a red letter day on the calendar.

I must be getting old and lame or something.
Being unemployed self employed, I have to live by the rules that when the work comes in I have to do it, and this week I had a unexpected smokestack project to do the preliminary design on, a couple of PLC panels to fool around with the inner workings on, and then out of the blue an old Forensic engineering investigation project which had laid dormant for nearly a year came back to life and I have to get ready to travel to Atlanta in mid November to talk to a bunch of attorneys about the case. 

But in the mean time...

My dear old friend Matt who I've known since the second grade in elementary school has a vacation house in a golf course development up in north Georgia, and he insists on having something called "Mancamp" two or three times a year where a some of our old classmates get together and fart and belch and drink BEER and hit a few occasional golf balls and brag and do other Manly stuff.

Turns out that I missed the first couple of "Mancamp" events and I started becoming the butt of jokes about not being allowed out of the house without supervision, so I showed them all last time and came to the event and brought my girlfriend and my dog.

And once again this trip I've poisoned the well water by insisting that I bring my two girls (Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup) so some of the wives and girl friends are also showing up (hopefully only one wife and/or girlfriend per classmate.)

The original purpose of this trip was to do some repair and renovations on a giant concrete "deck" slab which is in Matt's back yard overhanging a little creek which flows through the area.

Of course eating and drinking and other social activities have gradually overwhelmed the weekend's calendar but I hope to at least get some lumber installed around the perimeter of the hulk and get it jacked back up somewhere close to level before we leave town on Sunday.

That said, it's time to scramble around doing some more packing and stuff, so you'll have to excuse me while I tend to the processes at hand.

(stay tuned hopefully to some nice postings of fall foliage pictures)

Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Edited Video Effort

Out Of The Stone Ages...

I posted one raw video of Missy the Turbo Pup doing a little fishing last week but I wanted to do a better job of showing exactly what was going on down on my Uncle's dock on "Lake Lee" in lower Alabama.

Here's the results of my latest efforts:

As a background story, we wandered out on the dock with the intention of me just throwing a few lures out chasing Bass, but the Catfish which were used to being fed there started biting the first day and Missy started going crazy and I got the idea to bring some bread and set up to catch Catfish instead, and shoot video on my Cannon G3 camera (which is really just a digital camera...not a cam-corder).

Thus you see what happened on Friday afternoon. That dog started yelling at me when she saw me putting the fishing tackle together and kept yelping and yipping untill we ran out of bait.

That's one fine dog we got there...