Friday, October 02, 2009

Oh By The Way...

In Other News...Remember This promise???


Well...take a look at the reality:

and I guess that it's OK that they just keep on keeping on?

(From my Blog Idols over at Powerline)

Let's All Go To Rio...



Hittin' The "Reset Button"

Maybe He Pushed It Too Hard...

After hacking into a neighbor's unsecured wireless network (the home we're staying in has wired Internet) I've been spazing most of mid-day today watching some training DVD's and not living on the Internet as I usually do.

Regardless, I had to chuckle when I skipped over to Drudge Report and learned that Rio de Janeiro beat out Japan, Madrid, and Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics.

You see, I'm not just happy (or maybe just not unhappy) about the defeat because Obama and his fellow Chicago Political Democratic Thugs Obamamaniacs had spent a zillion dollars of taxpayer money on their bid...seeing the President make a personal appearance in support of the effort.

No, I'm happy to see a City/County in South America get the Olympics on the Continent for the VERY FIRST TIME and further...

if you read the fine print it's going to SAVE all of us American TAXPAYERS tens of zillions of dollars because in reality the City of Chicago is NEARLY BROKE and was counting on Obama to toss "stimulus funds" in their direction to pay for new stadiums and parks and bridges.

I personally lived through the Atlanta Olympic bid process in the late 1980's and saw the results of the infighting, political double dealing, and outright theft that occurred in my City by the time the actual Games arrived in the summer of 1996. I was so enthused I LEFT TOWN and didn't manage to make or spend a single dime on the Olympics or Olympics paraphernalia.

And then there were all of the rumors of insider dealings already underway giving away political favors and government funding to people inside the White House to do things like renovate dilapidated housing or even build new housing for Olympic athletes which would be turned over to private citizens or companies when the games were over (see Napolitano, Janet.)

When it's all said and done, I believe in all seriousness that it's a GOOD THING Chicago's Olympics Bid ended up "going south", as I resist wanting to drop onto the ground laughing hysterically at yet another event showing our dictator/terrorist butt kissing President/Savior what "TALKING" and "ENGAGING" and "APOLOGIZING" for things we as a country haven't done to the world over the past 223 years gets him and more importantly...

gets US...

YOU and ME as American citizens and taxpayers.

That would be N O T H I N G...



Z I L C H.

All of his smiling and romancing and proclaiming he's a different kind of president in charge of a country that has learned our lesson couldn't save an Olympic bid any more than it's going to stop the Koreans or Iranians from building warheads and loaning them to the next wild eyed virgin seeker with a few million of al Queda's cash in their backpack.

Got my point?

Now it's time to watch some more videos I guess

Thursday, October 01, 2009

On The Road Again

Low Battery Limits Blogging...

Disagreeable weather today will delay our departure on the second leg of our cross country trip.

An then my ignoring an ongoing power adapter plug problem on the old HP laptop has me sitting here typing with one hand while I hold the power cable with the other.

Feel free to read a few stories of ratbastard Democratic insanity on Drudgereport and then raise heck in the manner you would expect me to in the mean time

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

They Already Have The Christmas Stuff Out???

And I haven't Even Carved My Pumpkin And Made My Scarecrow...

So there I was, back in Home Depot this morning...making my bi-weekly visit to the "return counter" (this time with receipt in a cash refund...Woo Hoooo...)

While wandering away into the sea of "home improvement" products counting my change I momentarily noticed something I had failed to comment on EARLIER and which I was JUST again reminded of by a TV commercial on FOX News advertising something defined as "seasonal music."

What I'm talking about is that here it is...the thirtieth day of September...and Home Depot and the late night TV advertisers are already talking about trying to get me to spend money on of all things...

C H R I S T M A S ?


Christmas Decorations?

Let me ask everyone...IF I bought lights and a boat load of shiny tinsel, where am I supposed to put these trapping to store them between now and the time I can legitimately hang them out on my front door and along the eaves of my house?

Am I supposed to have a pumpkin with colored lights and fake snow and a herd of Reindeer grazing on the lawn nearby?

Or could I erect a display on my lawn of Pilgrims eating the first Thanksgiving Feast with a "weird beard" Santa and a flock of mutant radio active turkeys from the TV series South Park looking on?

Not to worry...being the ultimate "non-consumer" I'll easily pass the animated cackling witches and the smiling and nodding Santa mannequins and keep myself focused on the Tapcon Concrete fasteners and the products on the electrical isles.

In other news, later this morning I'm loading Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup and all of their luggage and lockers and sea chests up in the newly washed and serviced Chrysler 300 and we're heading off toward Kansas City, Missouri for a week or so, stopping over night in St. Louis to break the west bound trip into two smaller segments.

In addition to visiting with Pat's family and celebrating a Grand Daughter's 18th birthday, we also have the privilege of attending a private party at the American Royal BBQ Event on Friday night and then there's a bunch of other business stuff going on which I'm not at liberty to talk about publicly yet.

Once again the Internet availability will be somewhat questionable along the way, but I ask that if you don't hear from me within three or four days that somebody please send up a flare and organize a search party.

Regards Y'all...

Monday, September 28, 2009

This Is The Level We've All Sunk To

Ninnys versus Nannys

So I hear that out at LAX this afternoon some poor unfortunate guy with a rumbling stomach was guilty of ignoring the stewardess...wait I mean waitress in a crappy restaurant in the sky today they're called "flight attendants' " FAA approved mandate that everyone stay in their seats while the airplane was taxi-ing out to the runway for takeoff.

You probably know the rest...things escallate out of control because of new government laws and mandates, then the Police were called and they boarded the plane once it returned to the gate and took the offender (UPDATE 2 AM: and his "companion" ) off the flight...poopy pants and all.

FOX news reports as of 3 PM that the plane had been emptied while "officials" searched the nooks and crannys and all of the passengers were re screened.

They're lucky it wasn't me on board trying to struggle to the phonebooth restroom or I'd probably have left them a loaf posessing an aroma and stain so mighty that Ajax won't get the smell out of the plane for months, and if they hadn't let me into the closet they call a bathroom I guess I'd have had to drop it under the seat cushion (which normally can be utilized as a flotation device.)

I'm fairly certain some socialist democrat "Nervous Nelly" type preppy soccer mom probably was responsible for the origination and reporting of the so-called "INCIDENT."

Oh I've done it...

Now I guess that I'll be called a chauvinistic pig for denigrating women...

Ask me if I care?

(and NO..."Denigrating" does not mean a situation where the "authorities" make all of the Rappers and Professional Basketball players leave the room...)

Anyone Want To Join My "Racist" Club?

"Here...Have a White Sheet And Some Scissors"

I love the way most people like to "hit and run" "comment and run" when they find something on a blog which appears to go against their government educated beliefs and/or offends their delicate multi-cultural racial/sexual sensibilities.

It doesn't matter what you say or how you say it, it never fails that if you address certain topics or use certain words at least SOMEONE is going to speak up and object. cry and snivel and complain.

I'm surprised it took as long as it did to get someone's ears smoking with this posting from last Wednesday which I titled "One Dumb Stupid Mulatto Negro Black Man African American."

As I posted earlier, the commenter said "How nice of you to inject race into your blog, President Jimmy Carter Got it right. And you Sir, live in the wrong time."

Then they added "Don't bother replying to my comment, I won't be back to read it."

OK...(taking a big breath)...let's get a few thing straight.

NUMBER 1. It's my Blog and I'll say anything I want to here (except things that would make Google shut down my free site or specifically threaten the lives of the President and other high ranking officials.)

NUMBER 2. In writing the words "Mulatto" or "Negro" or "Black Man" in front of the words "African American," I knew that I was going to make some people wince and piss a few others off completely, BUT...

I'd like to point out that each and every one of those words have legitimately been used in my lifetime i.e. the past 50 years in this county by polite "non-colored" citizenry when referring to people of dark skin color descending genetically from the continent of Africa.

When I was a kid in rural Alabama in the 1960's, being polite white people of anglo European descent, I was taught that the word "Nigger" was offensive and instead refered to our maid and other "black" persons as "Negro" or "Niggra" or simply "colored."

I guess that "niggra" was too close to "Nigger" and "colored" left open the answer to the question "what color?", so then sometime in the 1970's, in an effort to keep all the White folks off balance and inject the latest distillations of the current cultural movements from NY and Detroit and LA into everyone's lives, all of us "crackers" were told that "Negro" and Niggra" and "colored" was inaccurate and offensive, we should just call a proud black man a "black man" or a dark skinned woman a "black woman."

By the way...anyone but me ever wondered why the people living here from Southeast Asia and the Caribbean/South America didn't get on the same bandwagon or start up their own movement coining, defining, qualifying, endorsing "official" politically correct self identifying terminology while at the same time expressing outrage at their supposed political and cultural insufficiency?

Fortunately they didn't, and instead elected to melt into the "melting pot" and enjoy the benefits of living in the United By God States of 'Merica and have been rewarded with the kinds of social and educational and financial success which still escape the followers of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Bless all of their multi-national, multi-racial, mult-cultural, multi-colored hearts for shutting the %$#@ up and getting on with life rather than making a career and thinly veiled political movement out of their "victimhood."

Further, remembering that we're still stuck here under my point NUMBER 2, my reference using the word "mulatto" to address someone of mixed racial descent is not directly an's simply descriptive (look it up on Wikipedia) :

"Mulatto denotes a person with one white parent and one black parent or a person who has both black ancestry and white ancestry. The term may be perceived as pejorative in some cultures and situations. Its current usage varies greatly."

Unfortunately, currently it is considered an outrage to make any reference to any part of a person's appearance or persona which is in fact "different" from yourself and/or your peers.

And finally, apparently not being satisfied with phraseology using something like skin color as an identification, forward looking self appointed black leaders like Jackson and Sharpton settled on the self identification terminology "African American" as the descriptor of choice continuing until today...

although most of these same people using the "African American" identification were at least SEVEN generations from ever having set foot on the continent of Africa ( and I suppose that 3/4 of those same people couldn't find Africa on a Map or Globe with a flashlight and a magnifying glass...)

NUMBER 3. I really don't give a darn what most people think when I write here on this blog.

I do not write specifically to GAIN readership or attract any specific group of readers. If I did I would resort to sticking key words like "Patrick Swayze Death" in my titles and enjoy having nearly a THOUSAND HITS like I did over the past few days when the people in Europe finally found out the guy had died.

Then if I was getting that kind of traffic, instead of the normal measly 50 hits a day I get, I'd have the sidebar and header of this blog covered up with blog ads for Viagra and Hair replacement and "conservative tee shirts and mugs" and God knows what else.

But I DO NOT WRITE TO PLEASE ANYONE BUT MYSELF, thus I do not give a RATS ASS if my lovely, talented, well intended yet culturally/racially sensitive commenter ever comes back.

I offer my sincere, heartfelt approval to anyone who reads and is offended by a single word I write to NOT EVER COME BACK.


NUMBER 4. This is the most important point that Jimmuh Carter and my commenter and most of the lamestream/dead tree media don't understand or refuse to recognise...

I would just as vehemently object to Obama's policies and inane utterings and apologizings regardless of the skin color or hair color or shoe size of any other person forcing them upon me and speaking supposedly on behalf of me and my country.


Now, let me see if I can find where I put my scissors...I have some eyeholes to cut...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhh the Smell Of Napalm In the Morning..."

The Sound Of Angry Leftists Disguised As "Republicans"...

"How nice of you to inject race into your blog, President Jimmy Carter Got it right. And you Sir, live in the wrong time. I'm a Republican, a gun owner, but not a racist. While your cleaning you gun, and polishing your brass you might spend a little time doing critical thinking, and a little less time watching Glen Beck, and listening to Rush Limbaugh. Don't bother replying to my comment, I won't be back to read it."

O' Tay...

(new comment received tonight about this posting last week...)

Today's Tip for Old "Middle Aged" Homeowners

Quality...Not Tonnage Quantity

As many of y0u already know if you've ever owned your own house, for years now the lovely Men and Women working over at the company called Sakrete have saved the average homeowner the agony of having to wait until they need forty million pounds more than a couple yards of concrete delivered to pour a slab for an AC unit or a pool filter pump or a footing for steps or whatever else said homeowner can dream up to want to make out of "concrete."

They make bags of things like Portland cement and mortar mix and fast set concrete and in my recent endeavor...pouring my own 16"x16"x2-1/2" thick concrete mini concrete slabs...HIGH STRENGTH 5000 PSI FAST SETTING CEMENT.

Be advised, however, that they make most of their products in 40 pound, 60, pound, and 80 pound bags.

The bigger the bag, the cheaper the product on a weight or volume basis, BUT...

I can personally testify, holding my shriveled concrete encrusted hand on a stack of bibles, that saving $3.95 on a $31 purchase isn't worth the pain and agony and potential visit to the emergency room to have your intestines and testicles re-inserted and sutured back into their correct positions in your abominable abdominal cavity.

If you're over the age of 45 40 35 30, please do yourself a favor and buy the forty or sixty pound packages--the label means WEIGHT...not the age you can live to and still pick things up and sling them around while adding water and stirring... and leave the 80 pound bags to the younger guys that still have biceps and abs.

I have to go now and see if I can find my truss...