Thursday, December 01, 2011

What "Be Wrong" With Modern Black Culture???


Doesn't anyone but me have a problem with people like this?

A product of your TAX DOLLARS producing future so-called citizens that will


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Physical Image In Another 25 years???

Hey...I Already Have The Eyebrows...

Today a number of people including myself in parts of the some of the world--mainly the western hemisphere--will be remembering and celebrating the 176th birthday of one of my personal Idols...

That Man would be the famous American writer and humorist...

Samuel Clemens a.k.a. "Mark Twain."

The first fictional novels I read as a child were my copies of "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" my Mom and Dad gave me before I was ten years old. 

I currently own vintage hard bound copies of each book which are editions published in the 1880's.

Today many people including so called "professional educators" have lost track of the ideas behind these writings and Mr. Clemons' intent when he wrote the texts.  Thus they fuss and fume and call them terms like "narrow minded" and "racisit" and as a result clammor to exclude them from school libraries and discourage parents from including them in their children's reading repartee.

I say that every boy would benefit from reading both books more than once before the age of 12 (as I did and did again in the past year) because they are just both funny and good reading for real non-metrosexual men.

You girls can come along and read them also if you want to I guess.

I have to go now and get ready to begin whitewashing the fence behind my house now...

Regards Y'all...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Note From Your's Truely

Just A Little Something Something To Let Them Know I Really Care

Dear Technical Service Department,

Just in case you have been busy digesting turkey scraps and still recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday, be advised that your cable and internet service is dropping out out here for most of the past week every three to ten minutes in Trinity Creek Phase II and ABSOLUTELY KILLING US because we telecommute with our companies and cannot afford to be off line 50% of the time and running around resetting routers and cable modems a hundred times a day.

Also, your sales rep sold me the "Super Duper Double Damn Good" high speed internet service though the end of this year to try out for free and if the upload download speeds we've been seeing are representive of your upgraded services you are going to lose our business to another internet supplier.

I better see a half dozen trucks and technicians out here today or there is going to be a letter written to someone over your head at COX.

Fix my freaking Cable and Internet Service...DAMMIT...

Heh...That Aught to get some action going out here...

Missing In Action

Critical Tools Found Abandonded In Knoxtown...

There has been a mystery unfolding here in the eastern suburbs of Tulsa, Oklahoma over the past month...Ladies and Gentlemen...

and I'm quite pleased...

...actually I'm tickled PINK... report to you of it's resolution late yesterday.

You see, in the process of loading all of our worldly possessions into boxes and onto a truck in our old home there in Eastern Tennessee, somehow certain items very near and dear to my heart as a cook, and critical to my efforts in advancing my skills in the cullinary arts,  went missing.

As of last Sunday afternoon we have been searching and waiting with pregnant anticipation as each and every box larger than 18" square had the tape removed and its contents removed in hopes of finding our stainless steel boilers and two pizza stones I've enjoyed using over the past decade.

Sunday evening it was with a heavy heart that I broke the last box down, folded it flat, and admitted defeat.

It would appear that our beloved pots were lost (the lids made the journey somehow) and one eight quart boiler, two six quart boilers, two four quart boilers, our collandars and miscellaneous throw away oven pans had disappeared in the moving process never to be heard from again.

Then Pat had an idea I agreed with.

Perhaps in the insanity of packing up all of our stuff and loading it into a giant moving truck, our movers had somehow missed the single lower kitchen cabinet in Knoxtown which contained the missing items?

Incredible coincidence, but possible none the less, you know?

So I sent an e-mail to our next door neighbors who have been looking after the place and GUESS WHAT?


I was so excited I literally almost ran out of the door and drove to the airport upon hearing the news last evening, but since I already have a plane ticket to return the weekend of December 9th to finish up some business in town I thought better of the impulse and decided to wait and just pack everything up and ship it back here FedEX while I'm in town next month.

You have to understand, with the importance of cooking around here...especially with the nice new gourmet kitchen with gas stove and marble counter tops...of all the things which could have been lost the pizza stones and pots were some of the worst things to lose.

I'd almost rather have lost my old Chevy Surburban or a hip or knee on my right leg than our stainless pots and well seasoned stones.

So any way, life is busy but good here in Eastern Oklahoma these days...the weather starting to turn toward winter...and from Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup and I...I offer a hearty...

Regards Y'all...