Friday, March 07, 2008

I've Never Been "There"

But "Here " Will Be Much Worse If We Keep Going Like We Are

In the process of dragging around with an extra tube attached 24/7, I found this story about people in the UK crashing into street light posts:

Padded lampposts are being trialled in a London street to protect inattentive pedestrians.

A lot scheme has been launched in Brick Lane after it was found to have the highest number of 'walking and texting' injuries in the country.

A study carried out by 118 118 found one in ten people has hurt themselves while focused on their mobile phone screen.

The charity Living Streets is so concerned that it has teamed up with the directory enquiries service to test a scheme to wrap up the nation's lampposts.

A poll will be carried out on Brick Lane to gauge the response of locals.

If successful, the concept will be rolled out in Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Out Patient" Surgery?

Is That The Same Thing As "Shade Tree Medicine?"

I'm pleased to report that things went as expected at the hospital yesterday and I was back home collapsed in my own King Sized bed by about 2:30 PM.

Due to the serious Buzz created with the IV relaxants and the other pain medication I barely moved since then except to go to the restroom.

Everyone agreed that my own diagnosis was correct--a fluid/abscess build-up in the lower right abdominal cavity and I was smart to come in when I did before things had developed any farther.

Looks like I'm going to have to spend the rest of the week sitting on my butt or reclining on my sofa, trying to work up the energy to read let alone write.

See Y'all later

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oxycodone Rules

Blogging From A Drug Induced Coma...

Sorry about the light levels of posting recently, but mind has been busy contemplating the resurgence of abdominal discomfort rather than writing about politics.

It seems that now I'm experiencing what is commonly known as "surgical complications", and the only way to fix things is to make another trip over to the Hospital operating room tomorrow.

They say that this sojourn will be "minimally invasive", but then again my last trip under a knife produced a 9" scare.

I'm an Impatient Patient

Baffling Modern Medicine

After a week of steady progress, I was disappointed to have to report back to my doctor again yesterday for an unscheduled post-op exam.

I left his office with a pocket full of anti-cramp and pain pills, with a resolution to get well ASAP in spite of my advancing age.

The details of yesterday's blood work has everyone incuding myself spazzing around in a tizzy of wild eyed speculation, but we should know a little more about what's actually going on in my insides in a few hours after I have my CAT scan.

Wish me luck...if you will.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Two Steps Forward

One Step Back...

Well, I've drug my lazy butt around our little island this weekend entertaining house guests and managed to hurt myself in the process of trying to eat normally with company.

The combination of an Oyster Po Boy at lunch and a small Fillet Mignon at dinner served to lock my insides up and send me back to the sofa and bed almost continuously since yesterday afternoon.

I missed not one but TWO trips over to the beach to watch Missy the Turbo Pup gallop around the shallow water and sands. That dog does love her beach trips...

The task of guiding a middle aged body through recovery from hospitalization and surgery totally SUCKS.

I'm really really ready to get back to work and put this medical crap behind me, but my behind and my middle seems to have ideas of their own.