Friday, June 11, 2010


And I'm REAL Busy...

Well...The bad news is that two of my tallest--about 5' high--tomato plants got blown over in the gusty rain yesterday and I was forced to stand them back up and pound giant 7' long pieces of 1/2 and 3/4 inch re-bar into the ground in order to keep the flimsy "tomato cages" from falling back over.

Then I got a couple of phone calls and had to start working on a couple of proposals for new work and found out I had more pneumatic valves coming in to be rebuilt and the first activities which suffered on my schedule were sitting outside smoking cigars and blogging.

OK, blogging suffered first because I'm going outside now to read some more of Bruce Feiler's "America's Prophet--Moses and the American Story."

If I could I'd send everyone a copy because it provides a great historical lesson relating to our countries founding.

Meanwhile, at the risk of having published this before (and I'm too lazy to look), go check this video out and then get back to me with a 300 word essay trying to make the case that it's wrong:

That will be all...for now...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Finally Found A New Truck With The Options I Need

Use Your Turn Signal Or Else...


Now if you change lanes every five seconds around me, roll through four way stops, or just generally drive like an idiot while texting they'll have to do DNA testing to figure out who you were...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Question 'O The Day

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

Why does virtually everyone wearing white plastic "Tyvek" chemical suits cleaning up "tar balls" down on the Gulf Coast shown on all of the TV coverage have dreadlocks?

Just wondering...

I have to go shave my back now, I'll expect an answer in the comments when I return.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Bye, Bye (Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Butt)

If I Could Dance...I'd Be Dancing...

Did you hear the news?

Someone's no longer going to be sitting every day in the White House.

No, it's not this guy...a caricature of a President:

It's this lovely woman who should have retired at age 65 so she could be cast on Broadway as The Wicked Witch of the West a ancient Grandmother in the local community theater:

Go here and read the details if you missed the story.

I'm not dancing, but I have a little extra spring in my step as the rabid barking moonbat liberals like Helen Thomas continue to get their due once in a while.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

No Cripples (Mental or Physical) Allowed

Spreading The Misery Around...

Dang it if they--the professional "Do-Gooders"--didn't manage to haul off and do something again this morning to piss me off here Ladies and Gentlemen.

Actually this latest bout of the Shaking, Spitting, Sputtering, Government Induced Conniption Fits (or SSSGICF for short) began yesterday afternoon while sitting adjacent to the Turbo Pup pool smoking a cigar and reading the latest issue of our local fish wrapper Newspaper, the Knoxville News Sentinel.

By now my regular readers might understand that sometimes when I initially find something worth blogging about I don't have the time to just sit down and write a good missive and publish it from my own personal Little Island of Insanity Little Island of Insensitivity.

Some of that stuff gets lost or slipped into the non-published files upon further consideration.

Then sometimes I have a fit of self control and I'm able to intentionally give things a rest for a while to see if my brain calms down and the foaming at the mouth recedes a bit so I don't damage my computer keyboard while writing...but I still end up writing SOMETHING when the dust settles.

This specific blog--delayed almost 12 hours in the making--would be the result of a combination of both circumstances:

A. Wanting to calm down a good deal and...

B. having a dinner of Country Fried Steak and roasted corn & New potatoes to cook for Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup yesterday evening.

That said, now let's get down to business and talk about this morning's politically incorrect rant...


OK...(taking a big breath...)

I'VE HAD IT RIGHT UP TO HERE this morning (pointing to the top of my ever greying, ever balding head) with all of these simpering, whimpering, sniveling, booger eating, bed wetting "activist's" efforts to make every and any thing "affordable" and "accessible"...

... to each and every single person on the planet.

I say that if they keep it up at the current pace they're going to "empower" us all right out of business and existence, and if you're not following me yet on this issue, here's what I really mean.

I'm talking about crap like the the so-called "V-Chip" in everyone's Television Set which comes to mind...courtesy of the Imperial Federal GOVERNMENT of the By-God United States of 'Merica.

You remember the V-Chip, don't you?

A group of Canadian "do-gooders" teamed up with Massachusetts Congressman Markey back in 1999 and by the year 2000 every TV sold in the US and Canada had to include the cost of the "V-Chip" so stupid adults' children could be stopped from watching things like "excessive violence" and other "manure" "mature content."

I know that it might sound like a good idea at first, but then upon further consideration tell me the answer to a couple of simple questions:

Question #1: If you have kids, have you ever...Ever...EVER EVER programmed your V-Chip to stop your kids from watching "Debby Does Dallas" or "Deep Throat" or whatever other stupid BS that's on 99% of the broadcast channels and 50% of the cable Chanel's on any of the half dozen TV's you've purchased since the law went into effect in 1999?

Question #2: Even if you have employed the power of your V-Chip to marginally limit the content of your minor children's TV viewing (remembering that the TV sets already had a on/off switch and a channel knob since the inception of the TV in the early 1900's)...

WHY SHOULD I? A grown man who turned 40 in 1999 and never owned or operated a single child under the age of 21, be FORCED TO PAY FOR A DEVICE DESIGNED TO HELP YOU DO SOMETHING THAT IS NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I guarandamntee you that at least 75%...heck...probably 90% of the TV's out there have never had their V-Chips programmed, and as I understand it any kid over the age of about eight that is computer literate can simply enter the menu on the TV and easily reset the "Parental Code" back to 0000 because so many parents are too stupid to remember their codes and have to have a way out of reversing the programming.

My answer to the ill-perceived "societal problems" which spawned the V-Chip and most other stuff like "Seat Belt Laws" and "Child Seat Laws" is to give people a test, and when society finds out that any given person is STUPID and unable to function without intrusive laws like this, I'd gladly pay the government to cut the testicles off of and the ovaries out of the offending citizen...else stuff a couple of rubber stoppers so far up a couple of offending orifices that producing chirren' that need Government Mandated protection from the programming content of Cable Companies would be a non issue during their child bearing years.

That would lower the cost of my new TV's by $25 or $30 each and I could get back to watching important things like Food Network and HGTV in peace.

But after that trip down memory lane, then what really got me started this morning was not the V-Chip but was this Knoxville News story about the shrieking "do-gooders" supporting the Americans With Disabilities ACT (ADA) shoving another legal settlement up the butt down the throat of a local businessman.

Apartment developer settles ADA suit

A Knoxville apartment developer is among the defendants who must pay up to $425,000 and make improvements at 21 complexes across the state, under an agreement with the Justice Department.


According to a news release, the case grew out of work by the Tennessee Fair Housing Council, which provided the DOJ with information that several apartment complexes were inaccessible to people with disabilities. The DOJ filed a lawsuit in 2008.

"Equal access to housing for persons with disabilities is an important right protected by both the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act," Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, said in the release. "This comprehensive settlement will ensure that equal housing opportunities required by law are provided in these 21 housing complexes."

In a prepared statement, Murphy Development said it has hired architects, engineers and construction firms that have contractually committed to meet all federal, state and local standards. The firm also said that in more than 10 years of owning and managing apartment communities, it has never received a tenant complaint related to the accessibility of its apartments.

"We plan to correct design flaws that are brought to light through this process and will continue in our commitment to providing accessible, affordable housing," the statement said.


Let's step back for a minute here and look at this situation rationally.

Say I make a little money and in the process of wanting to make a profitable investment I look around and see that the town is growing and people need a place to live.

And say that in the process I come to understand that the local job market is such that most of the people needing a place to live fall into a couple of broad categories.

1. People that have enough money and/or make enough money to buy their own building (house in legal terms) to live in.

2. People that either don't have enough/make enough money to buy their own building (house in legal terms) to live in else otherwise don't want to own a building to live in.

It seems pretty simple, based on that market analysis, Right?

But NooooooOOOOOHHHHH...just like the V-Chip and the Government and it's Big Government "Nanny State do gooder" supporters, it doesn't work that way when the "Americans With Disabilities" Nazi arrive at the local planning and zoning office.

Now in the past twenty-five or thirty years, according to the whining, sniveling, booger eating, bed wetting ADA "activists", if you want to build buildings (housing in legal terms) and make them available to the pubic public, you have to make each and every single unit you build "accessible" to people as defined in all of the ADA mumbo jumbo.

The bottom line is that compliance with this standard (the ADA) cost MONEY...and some businessmen business people want to provide "affordable housing" while at the same time not passing on the cost of ADA compliance to their customers...because by and large their market is...for instance...twenty something year old students at a nearby college or university.

And what the news consuming public fails to recognise is that the Government can tax and mandate things to infinity, but when a businessman business person has to absorb a cost--any cost--in a project...

3' wide doors in bathrooms

Elevators and ramps beside stairs in multi story buildings

Handrails in bathrooms





This CRAP and CRAP LIKE THIS in every single possible shape and form and fashion kills me, Ladies and Gentlemen.

And of course the unsaid bottom line, the underlying issue...heavy on the "lie-ing"...

is the idea that somehow it's better by passing the cost of the imagined "rights" and other government-mandated "services" on to the entire populations...

Thereby "Spreading The Misery Around" while at the same time making the "do-gooders" and "busybodies" feel good as they slap themselves on their own backs and snivel and simper and whine and cry and booger-eat/bed-wet themselves on to their next line item on their socialist/progressive agenda.

I guarandamntee you that within the foreseeable future the government is going to put mandates on the owners of single family homes--places like your house and my house--dictating that in order to build a new house it will have to meet the ADA guidelines in some form...

whether you need it or not personally...

because in the FUTURE someone might want to buy YOUR HOUSE and it wouldn't be FAIR for them to have to modify it in order to roll their wheelchair in the bathroom.

Further, just like the "GREEN ENERGY BULLSHIT INITIATIVES" being promoted today which will end up requiring owners of older homes to update windows, doors, insulation, and HVAC systems, just watch as the Government makes people add ADA accessibility to their property as a MANDATE in order to sell your old house because the people trying to get a loan in the purchase process can't receive financing without the modifications.

They're coming for ME and for YOU...

The useful idiots...the sniveling, bed wetting, booger eating, pawns used by the professional commie, socialist, Marxist, so-called liberal progressives out there that want to control EVERYTHING.

In many places like California and New England they're already here...and they're slowly slipping into places like Tennessee as I write.

You can sit around and worry about stupid crap like "American Idol" and the latest "Shrek" movie (I haven't been to the movie theater since the last "Lord of the Rings" film) but I'm in the process of cleaning up my financial situation and keeping my powder dry.

Is it just me?


I forgot to mention the crap which occurred while I was in college in Atlanta..."Adult only" apartments were all the rage and a place called Riverbend Apartments up off I-285 on the Chattahoochee river was the hip place to be.

They even had their own night club INSIDE the complex.

But no good thing can survive the sniveling, bed wetting, booger eaters, and some single mom decided that it was unfair that she and her brood of out-of-wedlock 'Chirren wasn't allowed to live in the complex so she could find her next "Babydaddy", and in response the Georgia Legislature and the Fed's got together and made it illegal to have apartment complexes which didn't allow children--under the guise of protecting the visits of weekend kids of divorced parents.

So a couple of self important assholes decided that the ONLY PLACE THEY COULD LIVE out of all of the apartments in Atlanta was a place like I wanted to live...a place free of other people's rugrats running around bouncing Frisbees off the hood of my new Car and cluttering up the picnic area by the river with "family outings."

Today I wonder how the "Active Senior" communities get by without the Feds stepping in and forcing them to allow a bunch of punk ass, backward ball cap wearing, subwoofer thumping idiots to move in and take over the pool every weekend.

Speaking of pools...time to go back and see what the Turbo Pup is doing in mine...