Saturday, August 07, 2010

I Brined My Butt

Now I Need Help Rubbing And Roasting It...Anyone Interested?

OK...Not Really.

I've actually already brined it and rubbed it and now it's laying out on the grill over a pan of water cooking in indirect heat.

MY (Boston) BUTT...that is...

If you want to know how to brine and rub YOUR BUTT...go over HERE to my other blog--"The Redneck Gourmet" and see how many times I can write the word "Butt" in a single recipe.

Time to go check on my Butt now I guess...


Another "Working" Weekend

The Fruits Of Procrastination And Poor Planning...

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I had a building full of people here for part of the day at the Turbopup Compound a.k.a. my company's International Headquarters.

And as a result I was up at 4 AM finishing presentation materials and sprucing things up---putting away the Turbo Pup toys and cleaning out the kitchen sink (because you can see it from the dining room conference room table.

The good news is that my ideas were well received, and with any luck after a little polishing I'll have a portable version of my new prototype panel in the hands of my sales partner company by the end of this month.

In the mean time I have three more pneumatic valves to get out the door this week and of course the never ending PLC project is wrapping up and going into a cardboard box before we head out on the road to spend a long weekend in the Pittsburgh, PA area for a wedding celebration.

I walked outside just now and found the weather to be refreshingly cooler this morning, and looking at the NOAA weather website it looks like we have a real nice pool weekend coming up so Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup will have something to do while I have my head stuck in the shop and in front of the computer screen.

I hope Y'all have a LOVELY (and productive if need be) weekend also...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Too Tired To Complain (Much)

Mental Funk Continues...

It's a rare event when I can't figure out how to do something.


Open heart surgery, building a manned spacecraft...

I don't do much of that kind of stuff these days, but still.

I've got a few little bitty details to work out still on the latest PLC panel and just like every engineering project, it seems that the last 5% of any given project takes 95% of the time and effort to complete.

That rule is certainly true in my basement these days.

There's plenty of crap going on out there in the news and in the world that makes my ever greying, ever balding head spin (at near orbital rotational velocity), but in an effort to stay focused I've declined to comment.

Let's face it, ladies and gentlemen. We live in a society of people today many of which have lost track of what it means to be an American.

At least an American in the sense of the America I grew up in in the 1960's and 1970's.

If President Kennedy were alive today and he made a speech challenging America to build a spacecraft from scratch and fly to the moon by the end of the decade, you know what?

I don't believe that we could do it.


Not because we lack the academic acumen to do the work, but because we lack the resolve and political climate to accomplish the task again.

And that's sad.

Very SAD.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Eat My Dust

YOUR Government Has Lost It's Mind...

Crap like this just makes me crazy.

Did you know that the Imperial Federal Government of the United By-God States of 'Merica, via the Environmental Protection Agency, is considering regulating "Farm Dust" ?

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is considering a crackdown on farm dust, so senators have signed a letter addressing their concerns on the possible regulations.

The letter dated July 23 to the EPA states, "If approved, would establish the most stringent and unparalleled regulation of dust in our nation's history." It further states, "We respect efforts for a clean and healthy environment, but not at the expense of common sense. These identified levels will be extremely burdensome for farmers and livestock producers to attain. Whether its livestock kicking up dust, soybeans being combined on a dry day in the fall, or driving a car down the gravel road, dust is a naturally occurring event."

It's not like that these idiots that can't run a letter delivery system and make a profit (US Postal Service)don't have plenty of important things to worry about.

Things that matter like Radon Gas in your basement or the Ozone Hole or leaking oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, but these stupid wild eyed suckers are spending time out running around looking for NEW STUFF to regulate.

But Farm Dust?


I guess they can add that to the list of crap the sniveling, booger eating, tie died, patchouli stinking hippies have to protest and worry about along with cows belching and farting and odors coming from chicken shit stored on chicken farms.

I swear to God People, if you go out in November and vote to put most of our elected idiots back in office (or worse yet you don't vote at all) you deserve to get a ticket for driving down a dirt road kicking up a dust trail in the process.

I have to go now because my head hurts just thinking about this idocy.

Dead In The Water

Paralyzed With Indecision...

Dang it...I can't seem to get crap anything useful accomplished the past few days.

OK, I've got some paper work done and put together some pricing on a new product I'm developing, but tangible, paying, work production has been limited.

And I'm going to get my tail in a crack shortly if I don't get this PLC panel out the door this week, but my head just isn't into the process right now for some reason.

Every thing's installed and working...sort of...but the fine tuning process is tedious and I still have to finish up the users' manual and working on stuff like this solo just further complicates things.

Owning the business, I can pretty much do whatever I want to do without having to deal with a "committee"'s just figuring out what exactly to do that's the problem sometimes.

For instance, I suggest that you don't do anything like this...

That's hilarious, and I think I'll go do some laundry now...

Monday, August 02, 2010

I'm Your Huckleberry...Part Deaux

The Latest "Cone Of Death" Approaches...

...And the sniveling tie died patchouli stinking booger eaters rejoice...


(and you're welcome)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Let The Cape Verde Hurricane Season Begin...

My Head Already Hurts

So it's August 1st, and the "Cape Verde" part of the 2010 Hurricane season will be getting into full swing in the next couple of weeks.

Look forward to the Atlantic Trade winds, as they have for the past zillion years, delivering the waves of moisture which come off of the African Continent across the Atlantic and with some miraculous combination of upper level highs and low pressure systems we here in the Southeastern US and the Central American region will get to enjoy the results of the atmosphere redistributing the heat and moisture in the process.

And the sniveling tree hugging booger eater global warming fanatics will sit around in their tie died shirts stinking of Patchouli and chanting "Death to Bush and Cheney" and the talking weather heads will tell you that we're all doomed and in the mean time I'm here to tell you...

It's AUGUST people...

On and near the US Gulf Coast...

And the wind is going to blow and the rain is going to fall just like it has pretty much every F**king year for the last million years since the Good Lord created the planet.

So get over it...


"Come To The USA"

Leave It To Ray Stevens To Say It...