Thursday, August 04, 2011

Doctor's Visit Success

Am I Ready To Put The Band Back Together Again?

I went to visit my surgeon at 8 AM yesterday morning. 

I was impressed he was awake because I barely was. 

Here's the stats if you care:

Weight = 10 pounds less than eight weeks ago

Blood Pressure = 120 something over 80 something (without any guns or airplanes or super good lookin' women in the room...any one of those causing things to rise slightly toward being off the chart)

If it weren't for turning 52 years old next month I'd be in perfect shape I guess.

In reality time has taken its toll on me mentally and physically, but still...

If you wanted or expected me to crap out and disappear off the Blogosphere for medical reasons here in the near future I guess you will just have to be disappointed.

I'm  quite pleased in spite of the ongoing "issues", and I say that another day above ground and residing in a vertical position is definitely better than the other options.

You know?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Things What Piss Me Off

Have You Got A Few Hours Weeks?

1.  Most of the 435 people in the United States Congress.

2.  My Lawn Mower and Weed Eater trying to use "E10" Ethanol Gasoline under Government Mandate.

3. Most of the 100 people in the United States Senate.

4. Anything involving "Climate Change."

5. Having to schedule my first Colonoschosphpyeee.........OK...whatever/however you spell it.

6. Liberals

7. Bleeding Heart Lilly livered tye died tree hugging Kumbaya singing patchuli stinking anti war hippies.

8. ...

9. ........

10. (You get my drift, I think.)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I'm BaaaaakkkkkkKKKKKK

Taking Time Off For A Little Blog Maintenance...

Well, after a week or so hiatus I decided to bring the Blog back online this morning.

In the process I've managed to spend a few hours doing some basic maintenance like backing up a complete archival copies of this Blog and my much neglected cooking blog The RedneckGourmet on to my hard drive and a SD Memory card.

I also did some other background HTML infrastructure stuff you won't notice at first and the work remains of fixing some things like broken/dead links and other crap you have to do when you run your own website.

I started to just delete the entire blog content while keeping the template and start over again this morning from scratch, but the free Blogger makes it impossible to do anything but delete the entire blog lock, stock, and barrel or go through the thing item by item and hit the "DELETE" button so most of my content is still here on line for now.

This thing has just gotten so huge over the past seven years and over 3,100 postings that it is hard to manage...but it is what it is.

That's right...I just realized that this whole crazy Blogging thing for me started while sitting in a hotel room in Chicago way back on August 10th, 2004!


So any head has been about to explode during this self imposed down time because I kept coming up with things I wanted to write about and being in a self imposed "BLOGGING MORATORIUM" I realized how much I really enjoy writing every day here.

In the process I found out that apparently there are a few people out there that enjoy stopping by to read and are almost as addicted to this place as I am.

I even had a couple of regular readers including some non-family members freak out and start trying to contact me and/or other Bloggers to see what happened to me.

Ed and Heather come to mind...and of course my mother...but believe me the resulting drama was unintentional.

I just had some things come up suddenly which required that I suspend operations here and there wasn't a good way to leave a message saying something like "TEMPORARY SERVICE INTERRUPTION..." or something similar.

So I guess I'll go now and do some reading...but I reserve the right to come back and rant a little if I find something worthy of my commentary.

Until then...Regards Y'all...