Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Hundred Thousand Hits

Minor Milestones In Blogging Mediocrity

I just noticed from looking at the Sitemeter this morning that I'll be crossing over the 100,000 hits point here on this blog sometime later today.

All of that since tossing up my first posting way back on August 10th, 2004 from a hotel room in Chicago.

That said, saavy readers know that there are people out there writing stuff here on the Internet that get that many hits in a single day, so my contribution hardly warrants mention outside my little circle of friends and readers...but still...

Heck...People like Matt Drudge get MILLIONS of hits in 24 hours...

But little ole ME?

I never expected to go anywhere or be anything SIX AND ONE HALF YEARS LATER...But...

To my Regular (and also my "Irregular") Readers...I offer a hearty "thanks" for stopping by occasionally.

And thanks for considering some of the serious stuff I tend to hide in the middle of my personal ramblings on a daily and/or weekly basis.

It's been an interesting experience publishing an open commentary dialogue for public consumption on the Internet, and I look forward to maturing and continuing to write commentary which might be of some value to someone other than myself in the future.

That said...Regards Y''all...

It's "MY" Company

But It's Not "YOUR" Job...

So here I am...sitting in front of the computer this morning facing a hectic weekend of travel to attend a funeral on the Florida Gulf coast while at the same time trying to keep a couple of projects moving forward which have little room for delay.

The solution of course is to throw money at the problem in the form of airline tickets and hotel and work an extra half dozen or dozen hours when the opportunity presents itself because Sunday for all intents and purposes is off of the Calendar professionally.

If I were a good Christian I wouldn't have already included Sunday on my proposed work schedule, but reality over the past few decades has been that I work when I work and I rest when I rest and pray for more work to pay the bills in the quiet times in between.

Meanwhile, my head is about to explode while watching the idiocy surrounding the "pubic public unions outcry's in Wisconsin and now the boo-hooing dumbass so-called professional football players' going on strike against the NFL owners and suing them in court later this week.

Let me say THIS about THAT...

The general idea of workers somehow "owning" their jobs and believing that they can as a group dictate to the people who assume the risk of starting and operating a business the terms of their employment is a complete Farce.

If it weren't for unions and government collusion with unions this archaic Idea would have died in the 1950's after we ended child labor abuses and instituted the 40 hour work week and two weeks paid vacation standards most people enjoy today. 

All of these arguments about taxpayer funded excessively inflated overtime pay and medical and retirement benefits is a moot point as far as I am concerned and I'm happy that the Wisconsin Governor held steady on his course and signed the bill into law yesterday.

Let me tell you this just in case you haven't been paying attention.

I, personally,  have a pretty clear standard when it comes to having someone come into my building and start trying to tell me the hours I will work and how much I will pay someone to come into my presence and do any given task.

Interested in hearing it?

It's E A S Y to understand.

Goes like this.

Do what I say...when I say it...else get the hell out...because IT'S MY COMPANY!

Pretty Damn simple, wouldn't you say?

I have to go now because the veins in my forehead are starting to bulge and I'm breaking a sweat thinking about this subject and I have better things to spend my time doing.

Regards Y'all...

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Earthquake In Japan

Tsunami Of Stupidity On The TV News....

I've been trying to watch the news since about 1 AM this morning, and as a result my eyeballs are currently rolled so far back in my head that it may require a surgical procedure to allow me to see ahead of my face again within the next 24 hours.

What a bunch of stupid %$#@ idiots we have " telling the news " doing TV news this time in the morning apparently.

All I want is accurate information, and these blithering idiots are rambling on and on and On and ON saying the same inane meaningless things over and over and Over and OVER again.


Meanwhile, on a sad side note, I learned that my dear old Uncle John passed away early yesterday afternoon and I've been scrambling since then to put together last minute travel plans getting me down to the Florida Gulf Coast to be a Pallbearer at the service Sunday afternoon.

I know that you will understand if the blogging is light over the next couple of days.

I'll be fine most likely, but Prayers for my extended family would be appreciated...

Regards Y'all...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Only Thing Harder Than Living For Over 50 Years...

Is Watching The People You've Known For Nearly 50 Years Die 

Sorry for the silence here on the Blog Ladies and Gentlemen, but as my regular readers know I've been quite busy of late.

That, and also because I received the sad news on Tuesday from one of my cousins that my Mother's oldest dear Uncle John--the WWII bomber tail gunner veteran...had a massive stroke during the night sometime between Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

In my opinion this great old heck raising guy lived two lifetimes by today's standards, building boats and houses and fishing and farming and shooting German Fighters out of the sky, and today he's laying in a coma in a hospital bed waiting to die.

Part of me is going with him, and I appreciate your tolerance of my silence in the mean time.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Paralyzed With Indecision

I Don't Know Which Way To Look...

I'm pleased to report that we finally returned to the Turbo Pup Compound here on the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River late yesterday afternoon in time for drinks and dinner at one of our local watering holes.

Since then I've managed to get home and unload the car and mostly unpack and get six hours of sleep, and now I've been up since 2:30 AM whirling and spinning in circles in my office and basement shop trying to get everything organized for what will probably be a 50 or 60 hour week over the next four or five days.

Fortunately it's going to be cold and rainy weather so I don't feel any urge to work on the house outside or fiddle around in the yard--both of which have ongoing projects that need attention.  The indoor injuneering efforts will take center stage I guess.

And then of course I have to dot the last I's and cross the last T's on this year's tax forms ASAP, having let them sit and cool for over a week while I was out of town.

My face locks up when I look at the news and I don't have time to rant much right now about the insane stupidity going on around us in our country with the unions and the world with the stinking wild eyed yet peaceful Islamic headsets in Egypt and Lybia and the rest of the middle east.

The way I see it at least they are pre-occupied shooting and blowing each other up on their own soils rather than coming over here blowing up trains and planes and buildings and automobiles and I guess that is a good thing in the end.

Time to go check on my Virus Scan and Back Up efforts on the Server PC I guess, Y'all have a LOVELY day and balance of the week...

...If you will...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Fifth State In Nine Days

On The Home Stretch....

So we find ourselves waking up this morning in the Upstate of South Carolina as we wind down this early spring's first extended swing through the Southeastern US.

All and all a VERY successful adventure so far if I do say so myself.  The weather was near perfect--definitely better than predicted/forecast, and the friends and other people around us were all well behaved and everyone had a good time as far as I could tell.

Now later this morning I have a meeting at a client's job site to take a look at a 60,000 gallon tank farm and settling basin system under construction and for which I just last week got the order for a PLC based level monitoring and control system.

Pat's going to work from my Bud Rusty's home engineering offices this morning while we make the site visit, then we'll hit the road and be back in Knoxtown by dinnertime/happy hour this afternoon.

Me and the Turbo Pup are ready to sit down on our own sofas and beds and lounge around and catch up on our naps over the next few days, but I also have a TON of work to get done in the mean time so I know that you will excuse me while I turn my attention back to my project files.

Y'all have a LOVELY day now...if you will...