Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sushi, Wasabi, And Me

Just Sprinkle My Remains With Pickled Ginger And A Good Soy Sauce…

OK, my birthday festivities began last evening, and when it was all over with I ended up eating more Sushi than an entire school of Tuna could put away.


Actually, my 47th isn’t until Sunday, but I’m pretty secretive about such goings on so only my family and now my blog readers know of the event.

I hate situations forcing acquaintances and total strangers to feel compelled to participate in often half hearted recognition of persons that are otherwise of dubious regard and character in the community.

Don’t get me wrong…I know I’m both “dubious” and a “character” most of the time, but I just prefer the sincere recognition of my mother, my sister, my girl Pat, and possibly a few close friends rather than milking the public for free drinks and a cheep birthday cake.

The balance of this weekend's celebration will hopefully consist of a couple of nice sunny days at our swimming pool working on our late season suntans, with me doing the cooking for dinner both on Saturday for Pat and I and on Sunday for our friends Bruce and Ski.

By the way, Saturday I’m doing one of my soon to be famous White Pizza with my home made thick crust, and on Sunday I’m doing my already famous Chicken Piccata.

Back to the Sushi reference in my title, I’ve just sat here and consumed about another eight pieces of various kinds of rolls left over from last night’s dinner.

Sushi for breakfast…am I weird or what?

I have to say again that this new Japanese restaurant here on the island is really GOOD.

Thank God, because they are the only show in town (or should I say—on the Island) and I was slowly slipping into a state of sushi withdrawal over the past two and one half years.

In Atlanta, sushi bars are like Mexican restaurants, there’s one every five hundred yards up and down every thoroughfare.

It must be a law or county ordinance or something, I don’t know.

My only problem this morning was that I could only find one chop stick, so I was forced to poke around with my fingers in the Wasabi/soy mixture in my bowl.

It was still yummy...

OK, the Sushi’s all gone, it’s time to get back to working on my recipes for our Mediterranean Christmas party.

I hope that Y'all have a good Labor Day weekend…I KNOW that I will.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Praise The Lord…And Pass The Hummus

And Don’t Make Me Breathe On You

OK Folks, I’m pleased to report that we got by with exactly two tiny tree limbs downed by the 6 MPH winds we had, and looking at the pool this morning we probably had about an inch and one half of rain.

The tropical storm actually cooled off the pool water a little so it doesn’t quite feel like getting into a tepid bathtub or a puddle of pee when you get in (although I’m sure that there is a generous quantity of urine in there because the miserable old farts my lovely elderly neighbors on the Condo Board insist on locking the bathrooms up like they’re expecting an assault of hairy hoards of teenagers or islamofaschists to over run our property at any minute.)

Any way, life goes on here in South Georgia and Northeastern Florida this morning, although I still want to find the phone number to see if I can apply for my FEMA check.

In more local news, I made some Hummus dip the other day which has enough garlic in it to honestly keep Vampires and Werewolves away from you for at least six months after eating a couple of tablespoons of the stuff.

I’m eating some right now, and Pat will probably beat me with the closest household item when I try to give her a good morning hug.

My current cooking program is to develop enough dishes to sponsor a Mediterranean Christmas party in early December featuring dishes from Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and a few other eclectic places.

I’ve got the recipes for Hummus, Olive tampenade, Moussaka (Eggplant), Stuffed Grape Leaves, Spanakapita (Spinach Pie), Moroccan Chicken, and several forms of couscous down to an art, but I’d like to come up with another main dish and a dessert or two (possibly baklava?) to complete the menu.

We had rave reviews over our last joint party with our friends Bruce and Ski, but the bar has now been raised and I feel compelled to try to improve my own standards over that we set with the Cinco de Mayo party last spring.

Dang...Being a legend in your own mind is sure hard work...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Quiet During Before The Storm


At 4:30 AM EST I was bobbing around our swimming pool watching the splash reflections made by rain droplets striking the surface of the water, and doing nerdy things like thinking about surface tension in fluids and how the individual wave patterns reflect off of each other in a phenomena called "constructive and destructive" interferance.

I think that human society has a number parallels to this type of action, but I'm too tired to try to explain it right now.

I just looked at the NOAA website and Ernesto is winding back up offshore just to our southeast, but there hasn't been a gust over 2 MPH here so far, although we are getting a steady moderate rain now.

The good news is that my frogs and toads have come out of hiding at the pool and are happily acting all froggy--braping and chirping and hopping around--and that makes me fairly sure that the worst is all a figment of our imagination.

You see, I didn't mention it, but last night I couldn't find one single frog hanging around the pool deck and, being the grandson of a southern farmer, their absence made me a bit nervous.

Not to worry.

I know that everything's gonna be all right here, because the frogs are singing and even the birds are already flapping around on our feeders this morning.

If I were living on Pawleys Island or up in Little River, I might be paying slightly more attention to our little friend Ernesto because he might wind up a little tighter this morning and make a little trouble before it is all said and done.

I guess that I'm glad that I'm not living right on the beach in South or North Carolina right now

I Am Lieutenant Dan

“Bring It On…Al Gore…Is That All You’ve Got?”

OK folks, try to picture me, swinging in a boatswains chair, attached to a Live Oak tree outside my back patio, acting like Lieutenant Dan (Actor Gary Sinise) in the movie Forrest Gump.

Here's a map of where I am:

Most specifically, I'm trying to re-create the hurricane scene in the movie “Forrest Gump” where Forrest and Lt. Dan are caught off of the Louisiana coast on their shrimp boat.

Much to the Global Warming Theorist's and the media's chagrin, I'm not feeling that my efforts are making me look very Studly right now--because virtually NOTHING is happening except I'm getting wet in the rain.

I don't care...

Just to rub things into the hysterical naysayers wounds a little more, in the tradition of Lieutenant Dan, I’m now heading out to the pool, in the rain, to further taunt the infinite wrath of newly re-formed Tropical Storm Ernesto, which is currently lying off of northeast Florida’s Atlantic coast…heading this way as we speak.

I’ll do my normal evening swim, and then I'll consider taking my camera out to East Beach to take some photo’s of the surf at sunrise this morning.

All I ask is that you stay tuned to this channel for breaking developments....

(Someone please call the Coast Guard if you don't hear from me again by 8 AM?)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Media's In Denial

And I'm Tired Of Listening...

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can state emphatically that the first "killer storm" of the season is thus far all bark and no bite.

We've gotten about 1/10th of 1 millimeter of rain thus far, and you couldn't fly a kite without riding in the back of a SUV at 20 MPH if you wanted to.

In other words, we have had exactly Zero wind thus far today.

I guess that this proves that Karl Rove, President Bush, and FEMA really can control the weather, and when a storm threatens wealthy suburbs populated by angry white male Libertarians, they just walk over and press the "Easy Button" that they bought at Staples.

Disaster is then averted.

Regarding the Kentucky plane crash, it was reported today that there was only one air traffic controller working in the tower at the time of the accident.

There were supposed to be at least two.

I didn't write about that in this blog, but I discussed it with some of my other pilot friends and we agreed that there was a high probablity that the controllers could share some of the responsibility for the pilot attempting to depart on a 3,500 foot runway in an aircraft that needs at least 5,000 feet to get airborn.

Case closed on that accident, in my opinion--although some contractor may catch some heat for knocking down signs and not replacing markings when doing the recent runway repaving project.

Any way, I'll keep one eye on the weather channel tonight and if anything interesting happens like it actually starts raining hard or the wind blows over 25 or 30 MPH, I might grab a coat and umbrella and try to act like my weather god idol, Jim Cantori.

Then again, I might just sleep through the whole disaster total non-event.

Ernesto Cometh

Rain, Rain…Go Away

I’m sitting here at the computer, surrounded by gallon jugs of drinking water, loaves of bread, mounds of toilet paper and flashlight batteries, anticipating the arrival of Satin in the form of something named Ernesto.

I use the word “something” because the damn thing won’t make up its mind which way and where it’s going. You see, the path it ultimately chooses will determine if it is a hurricane or just a big giant thunderstorm when it passes our little island sometime on Wednesday.

No matter, the TV weather people are all still worked up into a lather.

I think that it’s funny that the storm failed to strengthen between Cuba and Florida.

Jim Cantori’s shiny head is still looking good there on the Weather Channel, and Al Gore’s eyes have rolled back into his skull. He probably has to have counseling and is being forced to take a double dose of his meds right now.

You do remember that crazy Al and all of his socialist Global Warming buddies were counting on a record hurricane season this year to support their cries for the US to sign the Kyoto Treaty and move everyone back to living in caves and riding bicycles to work.

So sorry Al…NOT.

This storm reminds me of a couple of the idiots that we followed for a couple of hours down I-95 last weekend, driving at 60 MPH in the left hand lane of the interstate, with their left turn signal flashing the whole time. You could never tell where they were actually going, and I don’t think that even THEY knew.

I have some news for them.

There are no exits on the left side of the interstate between Brunswick, Georgia and Daytona Beach, Florida!

Not to matter—they were ready with their turn signal if they managed to find one.

Speaking of turn signals, I want to digress a little.

I believe that a “Turn Signal,” as it was originally designed, was installed to allow a driver to tell other drivers what they are INTENDING TO DO…not what you are DOING RIGHT NOW.

That’s the way I use mine, anyway.

Doesn’t anyone else but me have a problem with drivers that turn on their turn signal at the exact second that they begin their turn?

Then there are the people that think that their turn signals are just a cool option, sort of like that little visor mirror in my Suburban that I NEVER USE.

There I am, sitting there waiting for a gap in the traffic on Frederica Road for two or three minutes and, when finally I get an opening from one direction, some idiot with a “turn signal deficiency” goes and spoils it by diving past me onto the side street I’m in at the last second, without signaling their intentions to turn.

Sometimes it makes me want to back my truck up, turn around, and hunt them down in order to give them a good cussing out and a quick lesson in what that little stalk sticking out on the left side of the steering wheel is supposed to be used for.

Seriously, where’s a Cop when you NEED ONE?

Come on…you agree don’t you…or are you one of those drivers I’m describing here?

If so, I’ll have to ask you to LEAVE MY BLOG…NOW!

For everyone else, you’ll have to excuse me now, because I have to go out and buy some extra water and batteries.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Transients In The Hydronic Systems

I’m Not Talking About Hobo’s In Your Bathtubs Either…

Just Damn…People—Instead of exploding, I actually think that my head will just fall off of my shoulders, roll around on the ground, and rot into a pile of mush if I’m forced to look at any more of the crap going on today in the world, as reported by the drive-by lamestream national media.

Is it just me, or what?

I’m really trying to make an effort here on my blog to be calm and nice, but…

Unless a couple of things happen, and unless a couple of new stupid things don’t happen to take their place in my cranium, I think that I’ll just stow away in one of the wheel wells on the Space Shuttle and take my chances, since I’m unable to breath for most of the day here on the earth’s surface anyway—watching the TV news and reading the newspapers both local and national.

The ongoing hysteria and media frenzy about little Miss Dead Beauty Queen Ramsey and that pasty faced, giant fore-headed, pansy-assed looking idiot that got a free ride in business class (at taxpayer expense) from SE Asia back to the US makes me want to break things and try to bite the TV remote control in half every time the story comes on.

Then there is the crash of Comair flight 5191 which took the life of my fellow blogger Steve over at Hog On Ice’s cousin’s AirTran Captain husband (confused yet?), Clarence Fortney, along with 48 other souls.

What kills me is that while the national media continues to spaz out over 50 dead people and the 2,500+ dead soldiers from Iraq, that they continue to fail to mention that by midnight TONIGHT we will have killed another nearly 120 people (44,000 annually) in auto accidents here in the US--mainly because most people out there drive like total IDIOTS, a fact that I observed again on Sunday afternoon during the return trip from Orlando to our little Island.

Continuing the contribution to my personal insanity is the media’s celebration of the one year anniversary of President Bush’s mandate that every poor person in New Orleans be killed by their own stupidity the Louisiana Democratic politicians’ incompetence racist Republicans caught pumping millions of gallons of chemically poisoned floodwaters that were allowed to flow across the Parishes of the city at 1 inch per hour after Hurricane Katrina was somewhere up in Canada.

In celebration of that event, we here on St. Simons are looking forward to the possibility of dodging Tropical Storm or soon to be Hurricane Ernesto.

If this latest storm does end up coming our way, I’m thinking about taking off all my clothes, abandoning my Suburban in the middle of the Torras Causeway at rush hour during the evacuation, and then running around looking for TV cameras and government helicopters—all the time screaming about not having enough warning and wanting my $2,000 FEMA debit card because I need some new tennis shoes and a lap dance down at the Red Carpet lounge in Brunswick.

Having addressed all of those issues, I finally come to an situation which really gives me an industrial case of the ACHING ASS.

SOME STUPID IDIOT ELECTED PARTISAN DUMBASS IN THE UNITED BY GOD STATES OF AMERICA’S SENATE has put a secret hold on Senate Bill S.2590 (The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.)

This is some kind of parliamentarian trick that, while it is currently completely LEGAL, allows the CHICKEN SHIT MORONS that some of you out there elect and choose to call “Senators” (a couple of dudes named Kerry and Kennedy come instantly to mind) to hold up legislation without letting the public know who or whom they are.

For those that haven’t been following what is casually called the “Coburn/Obama Federal Budget Database Bill”, the legislation would make available on the internet to average citizens the intricate details of all of the BS pork spending and so-called “earmarks” that are jammed and crammed into the federal budget and unrelated spending legislation each year.

But NOOOOOoooooooooo, that can’t possibly happen…financial accountability for elected officials?

It is clear that somebody out there in our Senate wants to stop this measure, even though it has already survived passing through the finance committee and was thereby due a vote on the Senate floor this week. What I want to know is, why do we all continue to allow these elitist snobs to court our votes, then treat us like insignificant pieces of crap once they get moved into their Georgetown Townhouses?

I wrote this letter this morning:

Dear Senator Chambliss,

I am writing to express my concern over the secret procedural hold recently placed on the Coburn/Obama S.2590 Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.

I am also troubled by news reports of your office's lack of positive affirmation that you are not in fact the Senator responsible for preventing the floor vote on this important piece of much needed legislation.

On behalf of myself and the other voters of Glynn county and the state of Georgia, I respectfully ask that you make your best efforts to press this legislation forward in the name of open government, and not allow the continuance of archaic procedural rules to prevent the other 99 Senators to vote on a law that has already been approved in committee.

If you are in fact the individual Senator or one of a group of Senators responsible for this procedural roadblock to the vote on this legislation—I ask that you at least say so in public, for the record.

I would also like to see the Senate rules amended to prevent anonymous tricks like this from occurring in the future. I believe that if an elected official wants to show his true colors, thereby admitting to the public the interests they are truly representing, that they should have to conduct such business in the open, in the limelight, in a manner that is clear to those who sent them to Washington in the first place.

Best Regards,

Virgil Raymond Rogers, III
St. Simons, Georgia

I wish that a few more people would get off of their lazy butts and do the same...


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Internet Victory

Get A Hit And Then Run Away...

I installed my second ever wireless WEP encrypted network this morning.

Because it appeared to be a no-brainer and everything worked immediately, I fear that I have the false idea that I now actually KNOW what I'm doing when it comes to home network administration.

I'm pretty sure that I'm mistaken, but I'm sitting here blogging on the sofa with only a power wire connected to Pat's niece's laptop computer and can see some of the results of my efforts.

We're on the road again tomorrow afternoon heading back to our little island, with a possible delay and detour toward the Kennedy Space Center to watch the Space Shuttle launch. In the past I've seen several from a great distance, but I've never been right there adjacent to the fireworks.

I hope the weather holds out--It's quite questionable.

Wish us luck...