Thursday, August 12, 2010

Travel Interruptus?

Best Laid Plans...

Dang it.

I've just had to cancel the second pleasure trip in the past month.

All the result of a combination of bad luck, bad planning, and now a relative heavy workload with deadlines slipping past like unset jello between my fingers.

So instead of Pittsburgh for three nights I'll be home here at the Turbo Pup Compound thrashing around on this current PLC panel--still hopefully going out the door today or tomorrow at latest, and now designing a major modification/rebuild of one of my previous panels at the owner's request.

And this latest re-design project has to be completed early to mid next week so the modifications can be completed and the new and improved machine sent back out the door before next Friday.

Thus being out of town tomorrow and next Monday is impossible, so...

Here I sit in front of the computer cancelling hotel reservations and watching the thunderstorms outside my office window.

Time to get back to work I guess...

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