Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Year Of Living Dangerously Day Of Doing Not Much Of Anything

Successful Smoking and Cooking...

I'm pleased to report that I had a pretty good Saturday here at the Turbo Pup Compound on the Banks of the Mighty Tennessee River.

If yours was half as good as mine was you should have already had a pretty good weekend.

I was just worn out and tired and mentally out of steam and worst of all I knew that I had yet another busy week ahead of me...a week critical to the ongoing progress of building my new business enterprise...and I had to get my attitude adjusted in order to face the tasks before me.

Of course there was the obligatory trip to Home Depot to pick up some odds and ends needed to finish the installation of a new range hood vent fan over the oven in my kitchen, and for dinner there was the preparation of some Prime Beef and Sea Scallops for dinner which didn't get finished until nearly 9 PM last night.

I came up with a new recipe using, in addition to the Tenderloin and Mollusks, sliced fresh mushrooms and wilted baby spinach which ended up laying in a nice satisfying pile on a couple of plates.

I'm too lazy to write down the recipe right now, but will probably cook it again later this week and then publish it here on the blogs.

Any way...while I was sitting around outside on the deck smoking my weekend cigar, little Missy the Turbo Pup spent a couple of hours lounging around in her pool...

and resting in the shade on her personal beach...

At this point in life I'd gladly swap places with that little dog, because she is definitely spoiled rotten and doesn't have a care in the world most of the time.

I miss my old cats which have gone on to Kitty heaven over ten years ago, but as Canines go I'm blessed to have the company of such a fine little animal.

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