Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Retarded Television

If You Wonder Who's Voting...

I don't know, but does anyone but me lose their mind when they try to watch TV during the hours between about 4 AM and 7 AM?

Apparently the demographic is either pimple faced kids seeking acne cures, middle aged men with sexual "performance" issues, vain women looking to cover up their "skin imperfections" so they can catch a man buying the "performance" enhancing drugs (and hoping for an erection which lasts longer than four hours) else they are people who want to sit on the sofa watching videos about "cash flow" systems and buying real estate with no money down.

Then of course there are the people that want to lose 257 pounds, 3 ounces in eight weeks using some sort of exercise machine which hides conveniently under the bed or in the closet while eating some sort of food shipped to their door in little freeze dried packets which tastes like something prepared by a professional chef in a five star restaurant.

But I have to ask...what about ME?

Old slightly past middle aged guys who have survived our Acne years, given up on things like sex and making much money and not really caring about losing the weight gained while consuming pounds of butter and bacon fat?

All I can say is thank GOD for the Internet and YouTube and important videos like this one:

Gnuck...Gnuck...Gnuck...whoop whoop whoop...

(MORE...a half hour later)

Then there is stuff I still have like this on VHS Video Tape:

"Looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship..."

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