Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Climbing Out Of A Hole

Wall To Wall Coverage?

I'm sorry, and I'm glad that the Chilean Copper Miners are safe and apparently going to all be successfully rescued, but please...FOX News...


Last night they wore out my patience with their coverage just while the final testing of the rescue pod was being done.

Admittedly once they managed to start dragging people out of the shaft I did watch the coverage again--the first four miners--but then I had to change channels again.

I'm impressed that the Chilean President and First Lady are personally standing there on site to greet the rescued men. 

Do you think that OUR current Community-Organizer-In-Chief would take time out from playing Golf and destroying our economy and country to do something like that?

Don't think so...

So, any way, I expect the entire day and most of the night to be dominated by the story unless the Joe Biden keels over or someone blows up something  or there's an airliner crash or something.

I have to go change channels again now before my head explodes.

Y'all have a LOVELY day...

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