Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Edited Video Effort

Out Of The Stone Ages...

I posted one raw video of Missy the Turbo Pup doing a little fishing last week but I wanted to do a better job of showing exactly what was going on down on my Uncle's dock on "Lake Lee" in lower Alabama.

Here's the results of my latest efforts:

As a background story, we wandered out on the dock with the intention of me just throwing a few lures out chasing Bass, but the Catfish which were used to being fed there started biting the first day and Missy started going crazy and I got the idea to bring some bread and set up to catch Catfish instead, and shoot video on my Cannon G3 camera (which is really just a digital camera...not a cam-corder).

Thus you see what happened on Friday afternoon. That dog started yelling at me when she saw me putting the fishing tackle together and kept yelping and yipping untill we ran out of bait.

That's one fine dog we got there...

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