Thursday, November 04, 2010

I Have An Idea...

Bring 200,000 Indians Here?

Somewhere I saw or heard that President Obamarama's trip to India was going to cost something like $200,000,000 per day.

That's TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for those of you that went to the University of Georgia and Florida State.

The three day stay will cost over a HALF BILLION DOLLARS based on that estimate.

Here's the story I was reading this afternoon which prompted this posting:

New Delhi: The White House will, of course, stay in Washington but the heart of the famous building will move to India when President Barack Obama lands in Mumbai on Saturday.

Communications set-up, nuclear button, a fleet of limousines and majority of the White House staff will be in India accompanying the President on this three-day visit that will cover Mumbai and Delhi.

He will also be protected by a fleet of 34 warships, including an aircraft carrier, which will patrol the sea lanes off the Mumbai coast during his two-day stay there beginning Saturday. The measure has been taken as Mumbai attack in 2008 took place from the sea.

Arrangements have been put in place for emergency evacuation, if needed.

All I want to know, as a simple southern man, is this.

If the President of the US wants to talk to people in India (those especially who are not already handling call centers and customer service for American companies)...people like the leaders of India...

Hey...Why not bring said Indians (Indians from India, not Cherokee, NC or New Mexico or North Dakota) to Washington DC for the event?

By my estimation, spending the same amount of money, the president invites between 50,000 and 100,000 residents of India on an all expense paid trip--business people and politicians--to come over here to talk and dance and eat fancy food wearing elaborate silk attire all the while.

Then in the process of spending between $2,000 and $4,000 PER DAY per person, he might just manage to create some jobs byselling a few hundred convenience store and dry cleaning franchises, some Dairy Queens, and a bunch of Days Inn and Econolodge properties in the process.

Talk about an effective use of "Stimulus Funds."

Is it just me?

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HEATHER said...

No Virgil, it's not just you! I created a real hornet's nest on my facebook page when I posted a link from that same site on how Obambi wanted to spend Dwali in India. Why on earth would someone who professes to be a Christian want to spend some pagan holiday in India? Why not spend the celebration here in the US with Hindu American citizens? It's disgusting!