Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seasonal Synapse Based Funk

Having A Hard Time Mentally These Days...

There's a crap load of stuff out there in my life that needs tending to right now, but circumstances are keeping me sequestered here in Eastern Tennessee for the moment while a good deal of the things needing doing are situated elsewhere on the planet.

For instance, my Mom's having minor surgery later today and I'm not able to make a trip to Lower Alabama to supervise and lend moral support, and there's other things which could probably benefit from my attention but the realities of cost and geographic location prevent me from doing anything but extending my good wishes long distance.

I hate to admit that I find it difficult bearing the responsibility of being the second oldest male on my Father's side of the Family Tree these days. 

It's hard to just sit by and watch people doing stuff by themselves when my Father or Grandfather or Uncle would normally rush to the scene and take charge of the proceedings.

I guess that at least it doesn't reflect entirely negatively on me that I don't at least consider my situation, but my ability to respond in a positive manner over the past few years is a bit depressing.

I think I smell my pasta sauce burning, so I have to go now and feed my face.

Regards Y'all...

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Roy said...

You know I'm a lot closer than you so if I can pinch hit for you, please feel free call.

Hope your Mom's minor procedure has the desired outcome.

Regards Always,