Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Woman Computer In My Office

I'm Acting All Goofy & Tingly....

I had the audacity to finally say something about the cantankerous behavior of my hand-me down corporate laptop I received when I took my new job back in October.

They offered me a high powered desktop CAD workstation but being the vagabond that I am I wanted to be able to run out the door with my computer under my arm on a moment's notice and I would need a wheelbarrow or a large backpack when attempting that maneuver with the first option.

So now six months later I've realized that the happy little laptop had become an angry beast working under the load of AutoCAD 12 and the RISA finite element software I run every day not to mention the Excel and other Microsoft Office products I tend to fire up and operate.

So any boss and the IT department nerds got together and the results of their efforts arrived at my desk first thing yesterday morning...

a brand new HP Z400  CAD Workstation with...get this...
a 3+ Ghz Intel  Xenon Quad Core Processor
12 Gigs of RAM
NIVDA Quattro Graphics card with 1 Gig RAM
500 Gig Hard Drive

Needless to say things are smoking...almost catching on my office these days.


They let me keep the old laptop also.

Now this crusty old grumpy engineer is a bit less grumpy this morning, and that said it's time to hit the showers and head to the office I guess.

Regards Y'all...

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og said...

You're grumpy because you're still using Autocad. Come to the light.