Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Strange Women Lying In Ponds

Government We All Can't Afford To Own...

I'm up early this morning in order to go stand in line before my polling place opens and cast my vote and get to work hopefully by 8 AM. Oklahoman's are quite determined about this election with early voting lines stretching for five or six hours over the weekend. I really don't give a darn how long it takes...I'm speaking out against the insanity I've witnessed over the past four years regardless of if it costs me a half vacation day. And YOU need to get off of your ass and go vote yourself (unless you are an idiot Obamamaniac then head on over to the Food Stamp office or the Disibility office and check in...they miss you over there.)

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Ed Drew said...

Welcome back. Nice plantation you bought there, hope it doesn't overwork you and has internet. (sometimes those country estates are a little remote.)