Sunday, July 14, 2013

Notice to All You Punk Ass" "Niggers Negros African Americans"

At Some Point In Time (Like NOW) You Need To Stop Yelling Racism...

Four of you "Punk Ass Niggers Negros African Americans" robbed a Pizza Hut while I was trying to have dinner in Atlanta back in 1979.

One of you "Punk Ass Niggers Negros African Americans" beat my head in with a pistol for no reason and broke the barrel of the piece of shit gun you were holding off the frame causing me to have a few dozen stitches as a result.

You threatened my life and the safety of a dozen other people.

That said...the Jury verdict in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin "incident" was correct, and I'm happy because if that day in 1979 when you were beating me in my head I would have shot your stupid  "Punk Ass Nigger Negro African American" ass DEAD...

I wouldn't have shot you in the Knee.

I wouldn't have shot you in the shoulder.

I would have shot you in the head or in your heart...

because George Zimmerman...

don't give a flying fuck what color you are when you are assaulting me.

Skin color be the heat of the moment when I am being assaulted like I was that day and George Zimmerman was in that moment...

I say that it is only fair that no other human or government should be able to second guess the actions we take to protect ourselves.

When SECONDS count???

...the Police and the Ambulance and the Fire Department and the rest of the Fucking Government is only...

MINUTES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Liberals and our shit head president Obamarama and Eric Holder don't understand this equation because in spite of them inspiring/evoking passionate emotions against them and their agendii they have an armed security force to protect their stupid lives.

They simply don't have to worry about their safety...while they threaten law abiding citizens like me and George Zimmerman with jail (or the excessive cost of a lawsuit) for legally defending ourselves

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