Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mr. T

As we prepared to move down here to St. Simons from Atlanta last year, we faced only one delimma. What to do with the stray tomcat, we called him Mr. T(abby), that was hanging around our house. About a month before we moved, he showed up with a brand new collar with a new vacinnation tag with the name "Desmond" on it. It broke our hearts and relieved us at the same time.

You see, he had been hanging around our place part time for six months or so, had his own food, and catnip and blanket, but we weren't sure if he actually belonged to anyone. The new tag told us all we needed to know...

Here he is outside hanging out, interrupted from doing a little belly fuzz housekeeping so I could take his picture:

My Favorite Cat...Mr. T Posted by Hello

We sure miss that cat.

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Rahel said...

Desmond/Mr. T. is a beautiful cat. It must have hurt to part with him but you must also be glad he has a good and loving home.