Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Got A Didgeridoo

Are They Legal Where You Live, And Am I Weird Or What?

I've been wanting one of these for a couple of years now, so I just picked one up tonight on the Internet from some hippies out in California:

(No Rusty, I'm gonna play music on it...not smoke it...and I have to come up with my own feathers and vegetation to wear while playing it...)

What it is is a "Didgeridoo", an instrument designed by the native Australian Aboriginal Peoples.

I've had some success in the past playing wind instruments like the trumpet and the harmonica, I know that I've had limited success with and could probably play the piano successfully in public if I bought one and put my mind to it, and I've fiddled (excuse the pun) with the violin a little but found it and the guitar to be of lessor interest and greater effort than I could muster with my scatter-brained lifestyle.

Enter the Didgeridoo, stage right...

These things are really cool sounding. They make that eerie woooommmmm waaaaawwwwww wooommmmmm waaaaaaawwww "droning" sound that you've heard in the movies and on TV.

No, I don't expect to make any money playing my Didgeridoo for throngs of cheering fans anytime in the near future, I just want to display mine in my living room and piss Pat off while she's trying to sleep entertain myself late at night when I'm tired of blogging.

Next on the acquisition list is a pair of Caribbean Style Steel Drums...something like this would do nicely:

I've got to go now...I need time to practice my circular breathing...

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