Sunday, November 19, 2006

I’m Back On The Stage Again

Building Things To Tear Down

Sorry about the light posting this weekend, but I’m distracted.

I guess that I haven’t mentioned that I’ve been back in the set design business again this month--this time doing the scenery for another rendition of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.”

They’ll have their first performance on December 5th, so I’ve got to get cracking Monday afternoon manhandling a few thousand pounds of plywood, foam, and 2x4’s into something that resembles Scrooge’s bedroom, office and Tiny Tim’s dining room.

I find that the best thing about working for Heather and the GIAHA people over at Brunswick’s Ritz theater is the level of professionalism they put into every show. Even though most of the actors are true amateurs, they always include several professional actors in each performance and the stage crew and lighting/sound people are really on the ball.

This year my friend Bryan Thompson, Mayor of the City of Brunswick, is playing the role of Scrooge, and little Sara (ten years old going on thirty) is the Ghost of Christmas Past. I guess that my biggest challenge this year is to figure out how to make Sara appear to rise ominously out of Scrooge’s bed in her entrance scene without causing her to fall over and crack her cute little skull on the furniture.

Really, I just LOVE doing special effects…

I’ve worked my butt off over the past three seasons, for free, pouring my soul into theater sets that rarely had casts which appreciated and deserved the quality I put into my efforts on their behalf, but the gang at the Ritz always takes good advantage of the fruits of my creative work and each year I’m challenged to raise the bar yet again. This year will be no exception.

I guess that it’s time to get back to the drawing board now… photos to follow shortly…


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