Friday, November 17, 2006

Too Busy To Complain About The World

I’m Silent For A Change

Do you want something to worry about? Forget MY personal opinion on these subjects, today’s assignment involves YOU doing some reading (in places other than the pages of the NY Times and the rest of the lamestream media) on these subjects:

1. It took less than two weeks for the new Democratic congress to start melting down while at the same time showing the American voters what a liberal moonbat Nancy Pelosi really is.

The defeat of her buddy and endorsed candidate, John Murtha, by Steny Hoyer for the position of House Majority leader is just the beginning of what I hope is a series of defeats for a woman that I consider to be the second most dangerous set of walking female glands on the planet behind Hillary Clinton. (And, by the way, why does Steny Hoyer sound like the name of a member of “Our Gang” on the old TV show The Little Rascals.)

2. Did OJ really do it? Apparently he’s telling everyone how he would have done it, IF he did it on a show on the Fox Entertainment Network (not FOX news) later this month.

3. Will somebody tell me what mechanism allows tornados to zoom in on trailer parks 99% of the time? Seven more people were killed by a tornado in North Carolina trailer park yesterday. It can’t be a magnetic phenomena, because other than the sub-frame, trailers are made from wood and aluminum. I think that every town should build their own tornado decoy consisting of a group of unoccupied trailers to draw the next storm’s wrath.

4. Why will grown men complain about waiting 30 minutes to vote for President of the United States, then go out to stand in line on the sidewalk for three days to buy a Sony Playstation III?

5. Can anyone tell me why I have to buy a camera to get a new cell phone? Seriously, I already have a really nice Cannon G3 digital camera, and all I want now is two cell phones to replace our 4-year old Nokia Phones that are slowly dying as pieces fall off and the displays crack from wear.

I’ve had a cell phone since 1990, and this purchase represents only my fifth phone in the intervening years--each supposedly smaller, lighter, and better. I say that each successive phone sucks worse than the one before. I long for my old big, bulky, 3 watt Nokia phone that mounted on a pedestal in my Suburban so I could talk to God in the middle of the wilderness rather than these crappy 0.6 watt phones that cause me to end almost every conversation with the words…

”If you can hear me…I’ll call back in a minute…”

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