Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam's Getting A Little Taller

And A Little Deader...

I turned on FOX News about 4:30 this morning and they were reporting that a guilty verdict had be returned against Saddam and two of his cohorts, and the sentence was DEATH BY HANGING.

I wish that I could be there myself to witness the event. I would also like to round up a couple thousand little baggy pants wearing hip-hop punks here in in the US and make them come along to witness what should happen to you when you are found guilty of killing people.

The US mode of operation where we convict murderers in a jury trial, then allow them to fester in prison at taxpayer expense for twenty or thirty years while their lawyers further waste the taxpayers time and money filing endless appeals and the do-gooders argue about what form of execution is "humane" is a total exercise in stupidity, in my opinion.

I'd like the little thugs and animals wandering our streets terrorizing law abiding, God fearing citizens to be forced to witness Saddam drop off the gallows and shudder, jerk, shake, and soil his pants as his eyes bug out of his stupid head. I think an image like that might just change the future of our society.

I hope they really hang the bastard, and soon...

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LoganFork said...

I totally share your views about public hangings. Although Saddam is a bad guy, I think when the smoke clears, all will find that his technique is the only one which can control the "diversity" and "multiculturalism" in Iraq or anywhere else. Years ago I worked with a black fellow, Ralph, who often and consistently said that if your crime was so bad that five years in prison wasn't enough, you should be executed. He made the point that beyond five years, he was being punished instead of the criminal. I really liked Ralph, but hated to agree with a black man. Ralph had more wisdom than most of our population. I wish I could remember the name of the old country music song, but it was based on the last public hanging in Spencer, W.Va. Those viewing experiences did more to deter serious crime than all the nanny state gimmicks combined.