Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Premature Proclamations

I Sprayed My Keyboard With Lysol

Well, just as I was about to declare myself safely back on line, I've just got another alien "System Alert" trying to sell me software to remove itself from my computer.

I still think that after about four hours of jacking around removing strange programs from my hard drive I have at least 75% of things under control-at least Internet Explorer comes up in Yahoo mode rather than some software ad.

The tits and ass ads have also disappeared.

The people doing internet spam obviously don't know me, else they'd spam me with the products and tools sold at Home Depot instead of "adult toys" and tempt me with offers of antique cars and their associated spare parts, Cooking Recipes, and Radio controlled model airplane info instead of photos of silicone enhanced female body parts.

I'm to the point where if I turn the volume down I don't hear the "boop" sound when the "Malware Threats" window pops up at the bottom of my screen, so I can work at least a few minutes without cursing the unidentified and as yet un-known names of my volunteer computer consultants that invaded my house this week.

Now where is my really big hammer???

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Anonymous said...

Our local computer guru always reommends Mozilla Firefox as the premier browser. We stopped using Internet Explorer a long time ago. No regrets. Haven't dumped Outlook Express yet, but probably should, also at his suggestion. He likes Eudora.
All of the Microsoft products are too tempting to hackers.