Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Stupid Crap I Shouldn't Have To Worry About

Human Nature

Way back in early 1995 I was running a fairly successful Engineering company and had what I considered to be a pretty decent cash flow, and as a result I eventually felt like going out and splurging some of my hard earned cash on a "Home Entertainment System."

I ended up with a Bose surround sound speaker system, attached to a 100 disk CD changer and a Panasonic 110 Watt amp. I also had a (woo hoo) 32" flat screen Sony Television that had to weigh at least 150 pounds, and once I got the miles of giant "Monster" cables installed and connected to the components, I was in Heaven.

My stereo/Video system ROCKED...until my house burned down and cooked it (the stereo) into ashes.

In fact, the Sheriff's office and the insurance company inspectors agreed that it was probably my stereo that caused the fire--AFTER they got through with the arson investigation.

Don't even get me started talking about what it feels like to be accused of buring your own house down after your house burns down.

I've almost gotten over that experience, but not quite.

Any wayyy...

Just now FOX News was reporting on a story with a prediction that 2.5 Million people are going to run out and buy large format flat screen TV's this week, just to watch the Super Bowl.

I hope they have the same realization now that I had that year when I bought my TV...

"Pre-Super Bowl Return and Exchange Limits"


Wait a minute here, everybody.

When I go to the store, I generally know the shape and size of what I'm looking for, and most of the time I already know exactly the brand and model which I'm going to buy when I get there. Further, in the past ten years I've also had cash money (read that US currency) in my pocket to pay for it most of the time.

Then when I get to the TV department or the cash register, I find that I have to put up with some moron sales weasel store associate yammering away while making me read the fine print on the back of the sales receipt pointing out that since I'm buying a TV the week before a bunch of giant, smelly, sweaty, 300 pound men attempt to bang their heads into each other while a bunch of 150 pound little fleas run circles around them, that instantly my return and exchange priveleges are curtailed.

It was a surprise to me at first, but I learned that for years now people have attempted to not buy but "borrow" large screen TV's simply to watch for one evening...

Super Bowl Evening.

So what's up wit' that?

Is it just me or what?

I'm thinking that I might be confused or something, because...

When and IF I get through with dealing with driving through traffic, enduring the sales pitch of some pimple faced teen nerd, and dragging home a giant cardboard box full of styrofoam and plastic, I AIN'T TAKING ANYTHING BACK.

If it breaks, and if it weighs over 25 pounds, and if it is under warranty, then YOU ARE COMING TO PICK IT UP AND BRING ME A NEW ONE.



Regardless of the day of the week or the time of the year, make me happy else I'm coming to visit you with my little friend, Mr. Smith & Wesson.

OK, not really.

I guess I'll just stay home this week so I don't have to stomp any sports fans to death with my only good foot.

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