Sunday, May 25, 2008


Am I?

So we went out and saw some grown man & woman get married yesterday.

Upon arrival at the church I thought that I knew and had gone to school with the Bride's parents, but clearly I was mistaken as I cannot be old enough to have a daughter her age.

Then we went and stuffed ourselves with food and drink at the reception, and I saw all of these people that went to College with us in Atlanta and they were all grey headed middle aged men.

There I stood with my ever greying, ever balding pony tailed adorned skull, scratching various body parts and wondering what had happened.

I finally cleared my mind by understanding that Bill & Beth's family had been living in an alternate universe in North Carolina, sponsored by scientists at Duke University, causing time to pass more quickly than the speed the clock clicked down in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida in the years since we first met in 1977.

Then I thought..."But wait, it's 2008, and Curt was born when...1985?"

So SHE IS 23, and...


Excuse me while I schedule my hair system transplant and go join a health club...

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