Friday, May 23, 2008


I Have A Nose For Good Food...

Being a contrarian, instead of taking the interstate route that involved the shortest distance between Knoxtown (my new name for our suburb of Knoxville--not quite the main city, not quite Farragut, but Lovell is too hard to explain to people) and Charlotte, we ventured northeast on I-40 and I-81 before turning back to the southeast toward our final Saturday destination.

After a few brief hours in the car, I could hardly believe it when we arrived at the local Holiday Inn in Johnson City Tennessee and found the Peerless Restaurant, founded nearby in 1938, DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM OUR ABODE FOR THE EVENING.

We unloaded our luggage and the sea chests and lockers belonging to our little Missy the Turbo Pup into the room, delivered fresh water and food after allowing her to make a much needed "pit stop" on the lawn of the puppy friendly hotel, then wandered across the street for dinner.

Great place, all in all, with pictures of Bob Hope and Tennessee Ernie Ford in the foyer and a waiter that had grown up first eating at the old location and now working as an adult in the new 1990 vintage building.

Other than that, the best news thus far is that there is another Peerless restaurant just down the street from our house in Knoxtown!

...needless to say we can hardly wait to get back home next week.


HEATHER said...

Have you been to Litton's yet?
You won't be sorry!

Anonymous said...

Litton's has great food and the cheesecake is to die for.

One of my favorite places to eat at in Knoxville is Puleo's Grill. OUTSTANDING!!! I think there are two locations. Voted the best food in Knoxville the last couple of years. Give it a try.

Rick H

Anonymous said...

OK...Ok...OK Heather, we'll get to Littons shortly.

Rick, you're right about Puelo's Grill (which happens to be located off Kingston Pike geographically between my house and my office so I drive past twice a day)... we ate there by accident in Jaunary when we first visited for an interview, and my human resources manager took me there on the follow up visit.

Today it's on our regular rotation about once every seven to ten days now that we're Knoxtown natives.

Like I said in the posting, I have a nose for good food...

HEATHER said...

OH I haven't had their cheesecake, but I LOVE their Italian Cream Cake and their Red Velvet cake.
I will have to get to Puelo's Grill. I hadn't heard about it.