Sunday, July 06, 2008

I've Got A 22 Caliber Semi-Automatic Chain Saw

Obvious Redneck Solutions To Life's Problems...

So I'm sitting here after the fourth of July in LA (Lower Alabama) having intentionally not purchased any fireworks in favor of spending $75 on of all things, AMMUNITION for my guns, and I was starting to get desperate for things to shoot.

Then Mother Nature came along and dropped a couple of inches of rain on the area while we were at dinner in an adjacent city, and when we got home there was a big branch on a pine tree by the pool deck hanging down half broken.

When I got up this morning I realized that I was probably going to have to drag the extension ladder out of the storage building and do some climbing with a saw.

Then I had another thought, involving my Dad's 1950's vintage 22 semi-auto rifle.

Forty five shots later and the tree branch was lounging comfortably on top of a compost pile on the edge of the property.

I've yet to crack out the 30-06 rounds yet, but thus far I've wasted a good deal of 12 gauge shotgun ammo along with some 22 magnum casings and a bunch of 22 long rifle rounds.

Trespassers beware...

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HEATHER said...

I think this may be the "redneckiest" thing I have ever heard any do! ;-)