Friday, August 15, 2008

"Body Armor" For Western Europe

The Polish Take The Plunge...

Dang have things ever changed in my lifetime in Poland.

Never actually been there myself, but if I ever make it to Europe I intend to stop by Warsaw as I skip over London and Paris on my way through Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Turkey if I can get a good enough Kurdish disguise (did I mention Casablanca on a side trip to northern Africa?)

From the days when a blue collar guy named Lech Walesa led strikes in the shipyards under the iron fisted rule of the former Soviet Empire and rose up to later become president of the newly freed country, to yesterday's announcement of Poland agreeing to accept multiple layers of American missile defenses and the stationing of troops inside their borders to defend Eastern Europe from the Iranians or Moscow or whichever group of morons decides to start lobbing explosive filled steel tubes through the air in the future, all I can do is sit on the sidelines and cheer--but I'm happy with the progress none the less.

Of course the Russians and our domestic booger eating pantie waisted liberal pacifist citizens are already declaring doom and gloom and blaming us for an "escalation" of military hostilities in the region.

You want "escalation" of "hostilities", try bombing a few airports and malls in Georgia (in the United States) and see what the UN would have to say about matters. I seem to recall our own government doing exactly that in July of 1864 and look at where we all are today as a result of that effort.

Instead of living in the sovereign country of Tenalabamkentuckigeorge (or something like that), I live in a place that has ended up almost exactly where President Davis and General Lee were afraid we were going.

The states have virtually no rights, the citizens almost have even fewer, and yet the Federal By-God Government of the United States of 'Merica continues to exist in spite of, not because of, the actions of pompous asshole Senators and Representatives we elect and send to Washington DC every two or four years.

And now we're gonna have a base and a bunch of anti-missile missile's in Poland. Based on the German's attitude and negative public statements toward us over the last couple dozen years, I say we pull the entire crowd of military personnel and equipment out of Germany and move them all over the land of Kielbasa and Cabbage.

And yet the Russians complain. And people in Washington and San Francisco wag their fingers in dismay...

Let me remind everybody that the missile "defense shield," as the name implies, is a DEFENSIVE measure, not OFFENSIVE.

The targeting systems and payloads are designed to destroy little packages of fast moving metal with wings attached, not entire neighborhoods or cities.

Let the Russians whimper and cry if they feel like it, I say it's just like giving the People living daily in the sights of the slumbering cold war aficionados and wild eyed islamofascists a bullet proof vest, and until of the wimpy booger eating limp wristed politicians and voters can get a spine and talk the Iranians out the reactor business, we aught to install phase two of the system in Tel Aviv.

That will be all...for now...

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