Saturday, August 09, 2008

Missy The Turbo Pup's Back On Our Little Island

And Coincidentally...My Name's Back In The Newspaper Here

I'm quite pleased to report that with the expenditure of eight hours of moderate effort tendered mostly on the national Interstate Highways, and in spite of government proclaimed excessive energy costs, we've managed to make it back to our real "home" here again from the temporary quarters situated on the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River to spend four glorious nights on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

The hotel is within a half mile of our last abode on Alabama street and three miles from the Sea Palms condo in which we resided for over four years, and mother nature managed to hold off the thunder storms for the duration of our southeastward bound sojourn--reserving the obligatory task of blasting us out of our socks with lightening bolts until we were through happy hour and on our way to dinner in an adjacent restaurant and back into our beds for the evening.

Today is my official "Redneck Real Estate" meeting Day with contractors of various specialties and descriptions showing up to finalize ways for me to inject some more of my overtaxed hard earned dollars into my own personal real estate "Tipping" (as opposed to "Flipping") schemes.

When we walked into the building over on the Marsh for a much anticipated reunion with a number of our local friends we learned that a letter that I had hastily blasted off to the Editor of the local newspaper on Thursday morning had been to published in Friday's edition.

I guess that I'm now obligated to buy a large brass or bronze "trolley bell" and hang myself from the lighthouse or a local church steeple--dedicating the balance of my time spent on this lovely but highly troubled planet ringing it on the command of the local county government (capitalization intentionally omitted on the words "county government")

Give me a chance to get some work done this morning and catch my breath and I'll copy the text of my latest "readers newspaper commentary" here for your enjoyment and get on with my fourth anniversary blog birthday blogging.


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