Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's S A T U R D A Y ! !

Foolin' Around All Day...

I'm going to do EXACTLY what I want to do all day today after surviving a withering week of BS and dealing with the incompetence of some of my critical vendors.

It's one thing to be three or four weeks late with some products, but to then have me drive across Knoxtown to pick them up...

...and then get them back here to the shop and find out they were only partially finished?

So yesterday I had to drag the box of parts BACK down to the Machine Shop and hopefully I will see something again some time early next week.

I've been paying these guys early  but I suspect they might wait longer than 30 days to get a check from me this time.

So any way...I have a half painted french door in the dining room to finish dealing with, and then Georgia Tech plays NC State on ESPN at noon and it's pretty much going to take an act of congress to get me out of the bed or off of the sofa for the next 24 hours.

Hope everyone has at least half as good a weekend as I plan on having.

Regards Y'all...

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Ed Drew said...

I may have told you this before, not sure, but I'm an NC State alum. sure did enjoy the game.