Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Raymond Gone

Only The Good Die Young...

OK...I've been silent here on the blog for a couple of reasons this weekend.

First of all, I'm busy as Heck and don't need to be spending time on the Internet but I do anyway because I'm addicted.

Second of all,  in my insanity I started another home improvement project this week, aimed at finishing in the stairwell to our partially finished basement and as is usual...

The project has now exploded out of proportions and way beyond "hey honey let's spend a hundred bucks on some wood and paint..."

If things keep going like they are I'll have what amounts to a small Irish Pub--complete with leprechauns and about 12' x 12' square feet of wood and stone at the bottom of my stairs by next Friday.

And finally, and you know me...I generally don't worship celebrities and didn't fly to England to lay flowers at the tomb of Lady Dianna and stuff like that...BUT...

A wonderful man I never got to meet in person but with whom I had talked several times on the telephone in his position as producer of The Neal Boortz Show on AM 750 out of Atlanta died suddenly early Saturday morning. 

Just dropped dead out of the blue. 

He was only 43 years old.

And I have to tell you Ladies and Gentlemen...this event shook me to my very foundations having been where I have been in the past in the Hospital.

So any way...His name was Raymond Royal Marshall.

And even though we never met in person I feel like I knew him by listening to him on the radio for the past 15 years and after speaking to him when I would call in to rant with Neal...particularly in the old days before the show's syndication made it almost impossible to get anything but a busy signal when you dialed. 

As far as I know he was a perfect gentleman, and an example of what a man should aspire to be (and he was a black man for all of you out there that think that I'm some sort of bigot or racist.)

He waited until he was almost 40 to get married and then he produced two little daughters who are now going to have to grow up without their Daddy.

And of course he left behind a wife and grieving family, and tens if not hundreds of thousands of people like me that want to know good people like Raymond Royal Marshal are out there rather than just the self consumed trash that fills the headlines and radio and TV broadcasts.

Goodby Mr. Marshall...Rest In Peace....

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