Friday, January 28, 2011

Death & Taxes Death By Taxes

Can We Audit The IRS?

I just got up at 4 AM and nearly four hours later I thought that I was finished working my way through my company's 2010 Quickbooks Account and transferring everything over to Turbo Tax Business Edition.

Now I'm pretty pissed off because after spending all of that time and nearly $500 on software (two copies of Quickbooks and one of Turbotax) I still can't file the company income taxes...

and thus I can't file Pat's taxes or my own personal income tax.


Because the stupid %**#@ Government...specifically the IRS...hasn't released the 1120S forms for Subchapter S corporations.


Because the stupid %*#@ Congress couldn't make a decision until December to keep the "Bush Tax" cuts in place.

So now the IRS is fooling around working at their normal pace..."the speed of sound smell"...and who knows when the forms will be available, but you can bet that my Corporate Filings will still be due March 15th (not April 15th like personal returns.)

Why can't the IRS do something smart like doing the forms people use first like the 1040 and the 1120 by CHANGING THE DATE ON THE FORM, and then go down the list the the more obscure forms which only 20 people use every year.

Things like the "Yak Farmer's Feed Rebate Program," or the "Crotchless Overall Wearing Transvestite Mennonite Preacher Homestead Exemption."

You know?

Oh well, talk to y'all later...

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