Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ho Hum

Like Watching Paint Dry...

Well, I've been here in "the upstate" area of South Carolina for going on three days now, and in the process I've managed to get a couple of hours of productive work done so far.

The good news is my panel looks good and is mounted and wired into my end of the field sensor and control wiring.

The bad news is that even though my customer has been screaming for two weeks saying that they were "basically done" with the installation of the balance of the field wiring and piping...

when I left the job site at 4:30 PM yesterday there was three electricians standing on top of and around the four giant tanks still connecting wires to things I had delivered on Monday morning.

Any way, I look really good so far in regard to my work and progress, and hopefully when I go over to the site this afternoon we'll finally be able to turn on the electrical power and make my masterpiece actually do something close to what it was designed to do.

Blogging has been suffering because of some behind the scene work I've been doing on this and another project when I'm not standing in the sun sweating on the job site.

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