Thursday, August 04, 2011

Doctor's Visit Success

Am I Ready To Put The Band Back Together Again?

I went to visit my surgeon at 8 AM yesterday morning. 

I was impressed he was awake because I barely was. 

Here's the stats if you care:

Weight = 10 pounds less than eight weeks ago

Blood Pressure = 120 something over 80 something (without any guns or airplanes or super good lookin' women in the room...any one of those causing things to rise slightly toward being off the chart)

If it weren't for turning 52 years old next month I'd be in perfect shape I guess.

In reality time has taken its toll on me mentally and physically, but still...

If you wanted or expected me to crap out and disappear off the Blogosphere for medical reasons here in the near future I guess you will just have to be disappointed.

I'm  quite pleased in spite of the ongoing "issues", and I say that another day above ground and residing in a vertical position is definitely better than the other options.

You know?

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