Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Things What Piss Me Off

Have You Got A Few Hours Weeks?

1.  Most of the 435 people in the United States Congress.

2.  My Lawn Mower and Weed Eater trying to use "E10" Ethanol Gasoline under Government Mandate.

3. Most of the 100 people in the United States Senate.

4. Anything involving "Climate Change."

5. Having to schedule my first Colonoschosphpyeee.........OK...whatever/however you spell it.

6. Liberals

7. Bleeding Heart Lilly livered tye died tree hugging Kumbaya singing patchuli stinking anti war hippies.

8. ...

9. ........

10. (You get my drift, I think.)

1 comment:

HEATHER said...

I see Jello and a Fleet pack in your near future! ;-) On the plus side ask them to give you the Propofol(not sure of spelling but that's how it sounds-Michael Jackson stuff), mom had very good results with that for her colonoscopy. She actually went shopping with me after hers. It's good stuff.