Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Note From Your's Truely

Just A Little Something Something To Let Them Know I Really Care

Dear Technical Service Department,

Just in case you have been busy digesting turkey scraps and still recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday, be advised that your cable and internet service is dropping out out here for most of the past week every three to ten minutes in Trinity Creek Phase II and ABSOLUTELY KILLING US because we telecommute with our companies and cannot afford to be off line 50% of the time and running around resetting routers and cable modems a hundred times a day.

Also, your sales rep sold me the "Super Duper Double Damn Good" high speed internet service though the end of this year to try out for free and if the upload download speeds we've been seeing are representive of your upgraded services you are going to lose our business to another internet supplier.

I better see a half dozen trucks and technicians out here today or there is going to be a letter written to someone over your head at COX.

Fix my freaking Cable and Internet Service...DAMMIT...

Heh...That Aught to get some action going out here...

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